Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection – holiday gift idea

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Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection

The kids and I recently watched Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection. Shout! Factory sent me the 5-DVD set for review on my dad blog. The kids and I really enjoyed the Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection. The stories were interesting and gritty. The 5-DVD set is an excellent gift for fans of Wolverine. Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection is available now. It has a list price of $29.93, but you can currently purchase the DVD set on Amazon for $16.99. Note: even though the stories are animated (motion comic book style), the DVD set is probably intended for older kids and adults. There are a lot of bloody scenes and some of the content is suggestive.

As I mentioned previously, the DVD set includes five discs. The 5-DVD set is over five hours long and each disc includes episodes centered around a Marvel Knights Animation release. The Marvel Knights releases include Wolverine: Origin, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth: Reborn. In my opinion, Wolverine: Origin is the best of the collection. My son and I read the graphic novel with the same name. The DVD follows the comic book closely. BTW, I don’t think you can buy Wolverine vs. Sabretooth: Reborn by itself. You have to purchase the collection in order to get the latest Wolverine title.

Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection

  • Wolverine: Origin
    Long before he was a member of the X-Men, a tormented experiment of the Weapon X project, or even a savage bar brawler known as Logan, he was simply a young boy. Welcome to the greatest story never told.

  • Ultimate Wolverine Versus Hulk
    When several reports of unexplained incidents linked to a mysterious creature start cropping up, Nick Fury enlists the help of the one man he can trust to investigate: Wolverine. And Wolverine’s happy to get the job done: by any means necessary.

  • Wolverine: Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today
    Wolverine’s life gets complicated when cybernetic robots from the future embark on a Super Hero killing spree. And the only person that can help is a young waitress who insists she knows him: or at least, the person he will become.

  • Wolverine Versus Sabretooth
    Get ready for the biggest, best and, quite possibly, the most brutal battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth! Think you’ve seen Marvel’s fiercest go toe-to-toe before? Those were just warm-ups!

  • Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn
    Wolverine and Sabretooth have been locked in an endless grudge match that goes back longer than either can remember: or even imagine. The key to victory is eons old, and it’s certain to rock their world. It’s the epic conclusion to the duo’s greatest battle!

More info: Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection DVD


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