5 Things About the Beethoven’s Treasure Tail Blu-ray

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Beethoven's Treasure Tail

The kids and I recently watched Beethoven’s Treasure Tail on Blu-ray. Universal Studios Home Entertainment sent it to me for review on my dad blog. In the past, there have been a bunch of Beethoven movies. My kids and I have not seen any of the previous films. As far as I can tell, Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is a stand-alone movie. You don’t need to see any of the other films to enjoy the latest Beethoven movie, which we did enjoy. It’s humorous and is a decent family film. Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Continue reading to learn five things about the family movie.

Five Things About the Beethoven’s Treasure Tail Blu-ray

  • It’s a story about treasure
    As you can tell by the title of the movie, Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is about buried treasure. In the story, Beethoven the dog and his trainer Eddie end up in a small town on the coast. While there, they meet a boy (Sam) who is obsessed with finding lost treasure. He never finds anything, but then Eddie helps Sam find a treasure map. Meanwhile, there’s a creepy villain who is also trying to find the treasure so he can claim it for himself.

  • The movie is predictable
    Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is on the predictable side… Main character gets stranded in a small town. He doesn’t want to be there and is anxious to leave. But when his opportunity finally comes, he doesn’t want to leave because he’s either grown fond of the town or fallen in love with someone there. It’s one of those kind of movie. But even though the plot is predictable, I think most kids will like the film and find it entertaining.

  • Helen Slater isn’t in this movie
    Don’t laugh, but I mistook Kristy Swanson for Helen Slater in the film. Until I saw the credits, I didn’t realize Kristy played the part of Anne (mother of Sam and Eddie’s love interest). Not counting Beethoven, Jonathan Silverman was the star of the movie. He played the part of Eddie Thornton. Beethoven’s Treasure Tail also featured Bretton Manley (Sam Parker), Alec Mapa (Simon), Jayne Eastwood (Grace O’Malley), David DeLuise (Phil), Brian George (Trentino), Udo Kier (The real Fritz Bruchschnauser), Colin Mochrie (Dr. Kelp), Richard Dumont (Duncan), Morgan Fairchild (Charlene), Patrick Kwok-Choon (Justin), Ian Tench (Film Crew Member), and Nikki Barnett (Assistant Director). The movie was directed and written by Ron Oliver.

  • Beethoven’s Treasure Tail is rated PG
    The 98-minute film was rated PG for mild crude humor and peril. There really wasn’t anything scary in the movie. However, the bad guy was a little on the creepy side. Plus there were also several scenes of the dog farting loudly.

  • No special features
    The Beethoven’s Treasure Tail Blu-ray Combo Pack includes the movie on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD (Ultraviolet streaming). However, the combo pack did not include any bonus features.

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