5 Things About Thunder and the House of Magic

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Thunder and the House of Magic DVD (Selena Gomez)

The kids and I watched Thunder and the House of Magic over the weekend. It’s an animated movie about a lost cat (Thunder) that ends up in the home of a magician. The house appears to be on the magical side because there are automatons and gizmos living in the home (think Toy Story). The story is predictable, but we still enjoyed the animated film. Most of the characters are cute, the animation was well done, and parts of the movie were funny. In addition, the film featured the music of Selena Gomez. Thunder and the House of Magic (Shout! Factory) is available now on DVD and Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy) at Walmart.

Five Things About Thunder and the House of Magic

  1. The film is about a cat and a magician
    At the start of the story, Thunder is abandoned by his former family. He eventually finds his way to an old house that looks haunted. Inside the house is an old magician and a bunch of animals, automatons and gizmos. The magician, Lawrence, welcomes Thunder to his home. The next day, the magician puts on a magic show for kids. On his way back home, he gets into an accident and ends up in the hospital. While the magician is in the hospital, his nephew (Daniel) puts the house up for sale even though he knows his uncle does not want to sell the house. The rest of the story is basically about the animals and gadgets trying to stop the sale of their home.

  2. It’s a combination of Toys Story and Home Alone
    The story about the magical gadgets trying to stop Daniel from selling their home reminded me of Toys Story and Home Alone. In this case, Daniel is essentially the intruder. The gadgets and animals try to stop Daniel by pulling one funny stunt after another. After each stunt, Daniel is driven away but he soon returns to make another attempt to sell the house.

  3. There are annoying characters in the story
    Thunder got along well with almost everyone in his new home. The two characters he didn’t get along with were Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse. Jack and Maggie are essentially bullies that crave attention. They can’t stand Thunder because he’s cute and the magician loves Thunder. As a result, Jack and Maggie do their best to get rid of Thunder. But instead of getting rid of Thunder, the two of them accidentally send the magician to the hospital. This then leads to an another annoying character, Daniel the nephew.

  4. Thunder and the House of Magic features the music of Selena Gomez
    Based on the way the movie was promoted, I thought Selena Gomez was the voice talent for one of the characters in the animated film. But as far as I can tell, Selena only provided the tunes for the movie. Voice talents for the film include Cinda Adams (Nurse Baxter), George Babbit (Jack / Carlo / Zoltar), Murray Blue (Thunder / Dylan), Kathleen Browers (Carla), Joey Camen (Chihiuahua), Grant George (Daniel), Shanelle Gray (Maggie), Nina Grillo (Audrey), Danny Mann (Dimitri), Sage Sommer (Izzy), and Doug Stone (Lawrence). Thunder and the House of Magic was directed by Jeremy Degruson and Ben Stassen.

  5. There are extras on both the DVD and Blu-ray
    The 85-minute film is available on Blu-ray and DVD. Both versions include the same extra features:

    • Origins
    • Character Animation
    • The making of the soundtrack
    • Teaser
    • Trailer

[Disclosure: I received a DVD for review purposes. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


One thought on “5 Things About Thunder and the House of Magic

  1. The story of the abandoned cat whose cruel owner dumps him when they move house.

    Alone and unprotected the lovely cat faces a difficult challenge for survival and as he wanders the streets manages to enter a house that had already other animals in it as well as various gadgets. The owner embraces him instantly but some of the other guests are reluctant to accept him and so he has to earn their trust.

    The opportunity to do so will come as a wicked nephew wants to sell the house.

    An appealing story combined with high quality visuals, giving us an angle of the world from the point of view of a small animal. Various themes are involved such as abandonment, new beginnings, fitting in and proving oneself.

    When it comes to protecting our home, one better not underestimate the determination of even the smallest of opponents.

    It will surely delight children without leaving the adults unimpressed either.

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