Giveaway: Music Made Me Do It – win over $700 in speakers and headphones


Music Made Me Do It - Sol Republic

I have an awesome giveaway on my dad blog for you music lovers out there. The theme of my contest is “Music Made Me Do It.” These are the moments that leave us powerless when the greatest force in the world takes over. Thanks to Sol Republic, the winner of my giveaway will win a prize pack consisting of:

  • DECK wireless speaker
  • PUNK wireless speaker
  • Tracks HD headphone
  • Tracks headphone
  • Master Tracks XC headphone
  • Relays headphone
  • Jax headphone

The Music Made Me Do It campaign is Sol Republic’s first global campaign about all the crazy fun stuff that music makes us all do:

What has music made you do? What song reminds you of a special moment in time? Music Made Me Do It is about how music is more than just words with a beat; music is emotion and provides us with inspiration. A good song can help us be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better. From the outrageous and irreverent to sexy and courageous, MMMDI showcases and celebrates the stories we all have of music inspiring us to do anything and everything.

Music Made Me Do It Giveaway

Thanks to Sol Republict, a reader of my dad blog will win a prize pack consisting of DECK wireless speaker, PUNK wireless speaker, Tracks HD headphone, Tracks headphone, Master Tracks XC headphone, Relays headphone, and Jax headphone. The deadline to enter the contest is Thursday, October 9th (Eastern time). The giveaway is limited to readers in the USA. If you don’t see an entry form below, please wait for the Rafflecopter giveaway form to load (or refresh the browser).

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[Disclosure: I did not receive anything for hosting this contest. The giveaway prize will be provided by Sol Republic, but they are not the administrators of the giveaway on my dad blog. I am not liable for the prize. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


121 thoughts on “Giveaway: Music Made Me Do It – win over $700 in speakers and headphones

  1. I was once so intently listening to music that I was not paying attention to where I was walking and I ran into a stop sign.

  2. When i was young, listening to music made me one run straight into a pole; i was so into the music, i was not paying attention to where i was walking.

  3. I blame hard beats and fast tempo for my 117 mph speeding ticket back when I was in college. The judge didn’t buy it though…..

  4. When I was a teen, along with some friends we were dancing to the music and by accident, we banged into a coffee table and broke the glass on it.

  5. I moved from Minnesota to Oregon and a kid and had to leave my fiends and girl friend behind and i swear every time a radio station would fuzz out and a new one would come in on our trip me and my girl friends song would be playing or ending and it would mess me up.

  6. It makes me sing in the car while I’m driving. I’m enjoying myself but I get dirty looks when cars go by. I think they might think I’m going off my rocker.

  7. I loved going to concerts when I was younger. Hahaha—I think I’ll exercise my fifth amendment right here about the question of the craziest thing music ever made me do :D

  8. The craziest thing music ever made me do was beat on the kitchen table like I was playing drums during dinner time one evening when I was a kid. Needless to say, my dad didn’t find it very amusing while eating dinner, and he told me to stop. So I stopped, knowing that if I continued, I’d be the one receiving the beating via my dads belt! lol

  9. A good song on the radio while driving..something inside of me just has to drive faster and faster till I realize..holy smokes girl slow down before the trooper gets you.

  10. The only thing can thin of that music ever persuaded me to do was get into a fight :P Uppercut by Tupac was the song.

  11. The craziest thing is trying to get as close to the stage as possible; I ended up 10 feet away from the stage, but there were several times I was not standing on the floor, but on other people’s feet. This was a Judas Priest concert. Ahhhh…the good old days.

  12. Music caused me to ruin my hearing – or maybe it was all those speakers I had installed in my car when I was a teenager so I could listen to my music louder ;)

  13. I’m not a crazy type person, but music made me step out of my comfort box and start singing on our church praise team. (I had never sang in public before, but had played instruments in band for many years.) That’s about as crazy as I get, but music has always been a big part of my life, and I constantly have music on at home, in the car, at work, while walking and working out…all the time!

  14. my friends and i saw a white van with musicians in it in rush hour LA traffic. Through throwing notes back and forth between cars, writing on pizza boxes to communicate… we followed the band to san diego for a show. Didnt know what kind of music or where the show was. Best idea ever. Amazing night, fun stories, new friends.

  15. Music has made me become a part of a fraternal family that I would never have been able to be involved with otherwise. There are many different parts and functions to music: concerts, parties, tailgating events, orchestral pieces, festivals, churches, funerals, weddings, and so much more. It is an integral part of my everyday lifestyle and without music, I can say that I would lose my place in the world and just be another body.

  16. Get into a fight at a concert xD It was Five Finger Death punch. The music was killer, giving me all the adrenaline I needed and then this chick pushed into me and bam- it was on.

  17. The craziest thing that music has made me do is sing really loud in the car while driving down the road.


  18. Craziest thing music made me do? Drive 700+miles to a music festival and then proceeded to wear a tutu for the entire thing(I thought it was cute)!

  19. hmmm not sure if I really want to answer this but I guess a little wine a little music, a little dancing and leading to a little love!

  20. the craziest thing music has made me do is plan a last minute trip to san diego to go to finger licking because of the lineup.

  21. I don’t think music has ever made me do anything crazy. It does motivate me, though….especially when I’m working out and want to quit but a good song helps me to keep moving.

  22. Music makes me dance in the car and I have seen people whip out their phones and video me….it’s made me speed, but luckily I only got a warning…and it makes me sing and dance no matter where I am.

  23. I don’t think music has made me do anything too crazy, trying to dance is probably the most crazy thing I have done.

  24. While singing and dancing demonstratively to Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA, I tore a screen door down with a broom. Oops.

  25. Definitely made me stop dead in my tracks in a JC Penny store one day and started doing the “Dancing Queen” like there was no tomorrow lol.

  26. Maybe not the craziest thing lol, but it’s a hell of a motivator for me to get up and do things….from cleaning to working out :)

  27. I’m not sure music ever really made me do anything on it’s own, it has inspired me, motivated me and gave me comfort at various times though.

  28. Music has made me start singing in dancing in the grocery store while shopping, and trust me I cannot do either well!

  29. I love music, but I do not believe it has made me do anything that is considered crazy unless people think my dance moves are crazy.

  30. My New Year’s resolution for many years running was the lesson learned from the song, “My Back Pages.”
    The song taught me that I needed to keep my mind always open and see things in shades of grey instead of as black and white or right and wrong.
    “Ah, but I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.”

  31. Thanks for the giveaway…went to a U2 concert in the early ’80’s where my friends & I smuggled a white flag into the venue (it was outdoors); during the concert Bono took it and waved it while performing.

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