Lego Movie, Grand Budapest Hotel and Earth to Echo Giveaways Winners

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Hey people. I have to take my daughter to get some shots today. That’s going to be fun. When she was much younger, she use to cry and/or run out of the doctor’s office when it was her turn. Before I go, I have four giveaway winner announcements. But first, below are the current sweepstakes running on my dad and movie blogs.

Lego Movie Blu-ray Giveaway
Congrats to Steve Weber. He is the winner of the Lego Movie Giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, he won The LEGO Movie.

Grand Budapest Hotel Blu-ray Sweepstakes
Congrats to Erica C. She is the winner of the Grand Budapest Hotel Giveaway on my movie blog. Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, she won The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Lego Movie Blu-ray Sweepstakes
Congrats to Taylor. He/she is the winner of the Lego Movie Sweepstakes on my movie blog. Thanks to Warner Brothers, Taylor won The LEGO Movie.

Earth to Echo Sweepstakes
Congrats to the winners (too many to list) of the Earth to Echo Sweepstakes on my Portland blog. Thanks to Relativity Media, they each won VIP passes to see an early screening of the movie next week.

Have a good weekend, dads and moms!


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