Rhino Shield Screen Protector Offers 5x Impact Protection

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Rhino Shield screen protector for devices | Evolutive Labs

Recently I received a Rhino Shield kit for reviewing their smartphone screen protector on my dad blog. The kit consists of a Rhino Shield screen protector, Gorilla Glass, 45g steel bearing ball, stone countertop, 15cm ruler and box. With the kit, I was able to perform an impact test and scratch test on the Rhino Shield. Even though the screen protector is thin and looked flimsy, Rhino Shield worked as intended and protected the glass screen from the impact of the ball and scratches from keys and coins. I didn’t take any pictures, but my results were similar to their video below.

Rhino Shield Screen Protector Features

  • Impact Protection
  • Anti Shock
  • High Transparency
  • Anti FingerPrint
  • Oleophobic Technology

Rhino Shield is designed to absorb five times more impact energy than normal smartphone screen protectors. The company have display protectors for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Google Nexus, HTC, LG, Motorola OnePlus One, Samsung, and Sony Xperia devices. Prices for the Rhino Shield range from $24.99 for the iPhone and $39.99 for the iPad.

According to their press material, Rhino Shield protects your screen when it drops face down and up to 30 degrees from the ground. However, impact protection relies mainly on the smartphone case for side drops and high-angle falls where the impact is mainly on the side.

Rhino Shield was designed by Evolutive Labs, which was founded by a number of students from the University of Cambridge a couple of years ago.

More info: Rhine Shield [Facebook | Twitter]


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