Transformers: Energon, Volume One DVD Review

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Transformers: Energon, Volume One

Hasbro Studios and Shout! Factory sent me the Transformers: Energon, Volume One DVD for review on my dad blog. Transformers: Energon is actually part two of the Unicron Trilogy. The first part of the animated series is Armada. The third part is Cybertron. My kids and I have not seen the first part of the series, so we’re joining the story in progress. It’s a little confusing at times, but when it comes down to it, the story remains the same — the Autobots vs the Decepticons. Transformers: Energon, Volume One will be available exclusively at Walmart on May 13th. The suggest retail price is only $5.97.

Transformers: Energon is different from the live action Transformers movies and the other animated series we’ve seen. For instance, the Autobots have the ability to combine with other Autobots. This is in addition to their ability to transform into vehicles. Some of the battles also take place in space and Cybertron instead of Earth.

In the Energon series, Optimus Prime, his Autobot team, and some human friends are in search of the valuable substance Energon, which they find on Earth. A mysterious force has discovered the Energon as well and will stop at nothing to gain control all of it. It’s up to the Autobots to save the fate of mankind and planet Earth from total destruction.

Transformers: Energon, Volume One includes the first seven episodes of the series. The DVD has a runtime of about 154 minutes.

Transformers: Energon, Volume One Episodes

  • Cybertron City
  • Energon Stars
  • Scorpinok
  • Megatron’s Sword
  • The New Cybertron City
  • Megatron Resurrected
  • Megatron’s Raid

Transformers: Energon, Volume One DVD Synopsis

Ten years of peace have passed since Unicron’s destruction, but all of that’s about to change. A mysterious enemy has unleashed the Terrorcons on the Autobots’ cities, gathering energy for plans of total domination. Enter a newly revived Megatron and the universe is in for a war unlike any it’s ever seen between the Autobots and the Decepticons. And once again, Earth is caught in the middle. Can Optimus Prime and his valiant Autobots — alongside their human allies — protect the Earth against this new threat? Find out with Transformers Energon.


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