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The Nut Job

The kids and I watched The Nut Job over the weekend. The animated movie is about a squirrel who only thinks about himself. He accidentally blows up the winter’s food supply at a park, and is then exiled by the other animals. This is one of those movies that will appeal mainly with kids. For parents, I suggest sticking around for the end credits. There is a fun scene at the end that will entertain adults and children. The Nut Job (Universal Studios Home Entertainment) is available now in Digital HD. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (April 15th). Continue reading to learn five things about The Nut Job.

5 Things About The Nut Job

  1. Two heists in one
    The Nut Job is essentially about a group of animals who are trying to steal bags of nuts from a nut shop. The animals need the nuts because their winter food supply was accidentally destroyed and there isn’t enough time to find more food before winter sets in. To pull off the caper, the animals have to figure out how to get into the shop and get past the dog inside. In addition, there are too many bags so they can’t just run in and quickly snatch the nuts. As if that’s not enough, the people inside are actually thieves planning a bank heist.

  2. Kids will like this movie more than parents
    I liked the Nut Job. I thought it was OK and I wanted to see the main character succeed. But I think The Nut Job is one of those animated films that children will enjoy more. The story is predictable and the gags seem to be targeted at kids only. For me, the best part of the movie was during the end credits when they were doing an animated version of Gangnam Style. In my opinion, if they added more scenes like that in the movie, it would’ve have made the film more entertaining for adults.

  3. Liam Neeson should not have been casted
    Will Arnett (Surly) and Katherine Heigl (Andie) provided the voices for main characters. They were fine. However, Liam Neeson’s voice stood out, but not in a good way. Liam provided the voice for Raccoon. He didn’t do a bad job, but Liam’s voice is so recognizable that it was weird hearing his voice whenever Raccoon talked. I know, the whole idea of animals talking would be weird in real life. But Liam’s voice made it even weirder. Other voices include Brendan Fraser (Grayson), Stephen Lang (King), Maya Rudolph (Precious), Jeff Dunham (Mole), Gabriel Iglesias (Jimmy), Sarah Gadon (Lana), James Rankin (Fingers), Scott Yaphe (Lucky), Joe Pingue (Johnny), Annick Obonsawin (Jamie), Julie Lemieux (girl scout), Robert Tinkler (Redline / Buddy), James Kee (Rat / armoured guard), Scott McCord (police officer / other animals), and Katie Griffin (Pigeon). The Nut Job was directed by Peter Lepeniotis.

  4. The Blu-ray includes exclusive features
    The Nut Job Blu-ray Combo pack includes the movie on DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD with Ultraviolet. In addition, the combo pack includes bonus features that are not on the DVD.

    • The Great Nut Heist (Blu-ray only)
      Will Arnett, the voice of Surly the squirrel, discusses the great caper story at the heart of the film
    • Deleted Scenes (Blu-ray only)
      Surly, Grayson and the gang in scenes removed from the final version of the movie
    • Storyboards (Blu-ray only)
      Key scenes from the film brought to life from the original sketches
    • Dance-off End Credits (Blu-ray only)
      Surly joins his furry friends and a very special guest for this show-stopping number
    • Surely Squirrel Animated Short
      See Surly for the first time in this animated short that started it all
    • Nuts & Robbers Animated Short
      Surly and Grayson stumble upon a bank heist gone wrong — created by ToonBox Entertainment as a teaser for the movie
  5. The Nut Job is rated PG
    The 86-minute film is rated PG for some mild action and rude humor. There’s a little violence in the movie, but it’s the kind designed to make kids laugh.

More info: The Nut Job Blu-ray Combo Pack


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  1. I don’t like actors voices dubbed in for cartoon characters. Give the voice job to unknown people. Spread the jobs out.

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