Ten Tips for People with Bladder Control Problems


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Here’s something a bit ironic. Babies rarely sleep through the night. They wake up because they are hungry, need a diaper change, or they don’t feel good. But newborns eventually grow out of this stage and parents are then blessed with a good night’s sleep. But here’s something I didn’t know. Adults can have trouble sleeping through the night too. That’s the problem I have been having. There are many causes for this, but in my case, I just need to go use the bathroom. I didn’t use to have this problem, but now I can’t sleep through the night without getting up to use the bathroom — even when I don’t drink anything before bed. BTW, I am participating in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for Depend. I received products samples and will receive a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

For the record, millions of Americans have bladder control issues (known as incontinence). The condition can affect anyone — not just older people. Bladder control issues can also affect young people — especially women who have given birth or men who have been treated for prostate cancer. If you’re one of the millions of people who experience bladder control issues and worry about being able to discreetly manage this common condition while being as active as you want to be, I have ten tips for you from lifestyle expert Mar Jennings.

5 Active Lifestyle Tips for Baby Boomers

  1. Staying active is easier when you love what you do, be it hiking, horseback riding, tennis or taking a brisk walk. Find what calls to you and get moving.
  2. Experience the pleasures of owning a pet. Not only can adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue group help you stay active and social, but it’s also known to help reduce stress.
  3. If you experience bladder control issues, there are products available that provide a discreet and comfortable fit, like Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection, which features more Lycra strands, to help give you the freedom and confidence you need to be active every day.
  4. Strive to push yourself to your maximum physical and mental capabilities. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walk whenever possible or park farther away from the store entrance. Stimulate your mind by learning something new, like a language or photography skills.
  5. Have a clear vision of what you want you and your life to look like in six or 12 months. Start small and think big; the results over time will be impressive.

5 Travel Tips for Baby Boomers

  1. Layering in non-iron options is key to flying comfortably. Men, bring a fine-knit sweater or sweatshirt that is easy to roll up in your carry on for easy access. Ladies, camisoles and tanks work well under a sweater or cardigan.
  2. Those who have bladder control issues can travel with confidence by wearing Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection, which features more Lycra strands for a smooth and comfortable close-to-the-body fit.
  3. There’s no better time to take a voyage than now — and the seas await you with lots of deals. Unwind and pamper yourself while experiencing the world. With cruises going out daily, there’s one waiting for you.
  4. Plan a weekend getaway or cross-country road trip to see America the beautiful right from the comfort of your own car. Don’t forget to pack essentials like water, snacks, quarters for parking meters and a pillow for napping passengers.
  5. Wear white to stay cool in hot temperatures. White is a popular clothing choice in warm climates because it reflects the sunlight and absorbs less heat.

Depend Underwear

As I mentioned previously, I’m part of a campaign for Depend. The company is committed to helping improve the lives of those with bladder control issues. This prompted them to show how individuals have grown their confidence with Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection to have the freedom to live active, normal lives. In a collaborative effort with people across the country, the Depend brand highlights real stories of triumph in overcoming bladder control issues in order to achieve the sense of normalcy that was lost. You can see these real life videos online, and when you’re ready, you can request a free sample of Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection. The product features Lycra strands for a smooth and comfortable close-to-the-body-fit. The underwear is gray in color and has an underwear-like waistband. A package of the product has a suggested retail price of $12.99.


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  1. thank you for such a helpfull informations,will pass it to my mom she is having some bladder issues.Great post!

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