Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground DVD Review


Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground DVD

Shout! Factory and Nerd Corps Entertainment sent me the new Slugterra DVD for review on my dad blog. The latest title is called Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground. The kids and I like the new Slugterra DVD. However, the new title is actually volume four of the series and we had not seen the show before. As a result, it took us a couple of episodes to understand the characters, storyline and the idea behind the series. Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground will be available on DVD on Tuesday, March 4th. It has a suggested retail price of $14.97, but you can currently purchase it on Amazon for $11.69.

If you’ve never seen Slugterra, here are some things you should know. First, the story takes place underground on Earth. The main character is Eli Shane. He’s the leader of a gang of slugslingers. Apparently, they are a good gang that battles bad guys and monsters. BTW, instead of bullets, everyone use live slugs as ammo. You have to pick the right slug for the job. My kids said the use of slugs as weapons reminded them of Bakugan. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen Bakugan. Anyway, Eli has a secret. His gang doesn’t think there is an above-world, but Eli knows there is a world above them. Eli is from the surface world and it’s his job to keep the two worlds apart.

The sci-fi animated DVD includes five episodes and two bonus features. Not including the extra features, the DVD has a run time of about 110 minutes.

Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground Episodes and Bonus Features

  • Snowdance
    Max wants to be the star of the show, so Trixie tricks him into helping her
  • Inheritance
    Danna confronts Eli about her share of the legendary Shane treasure
  • A Distant Shore
    Eli goes on an expedition to find the above-world
  • The Journey Home
    Eli’s slugs get separated and must find their way home on their own
  • Roboslugs
    A rogue scientist wants to replace live slugs with roboslugs
  • Drawing Your Own Slugs!
    This bonus feature shows you how to draw your own slugs
  • Slugisodes
    There are two Slugisodes in this bonus feature: (1) The Right Slug for the Right Job and (2) Getting Around in Slugterra

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