Winter Olympics and Warner Bros. Giveaways Winners

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Good morning, everyone. The Winter Olympics are wrapping up this weekend. At the time of this writing, USA sits in second place behind Russia in the medals count. Before I get back to the Olympics, I have two winner announcements this morning. But first, here are the current sweepstakes running on my dad and movie blogs.

U.S. Olympic Team Giveaway
Congrats to Kimberly Schotz. She is the winner of the U.S. Olympic Team Giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to AT&T, Kimberly won a $100 Visa Gift card and a Team USA memorabilia package (t-shirt, gloves, signed picture).

Warner Bros. Giveaway
Bernie Wallace is the winner of the Warner Bros. Giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to Warner Bros., he won a Valentine-theme DVD. Congrats to Bernie!

Enjoy the rest of the Winter Olympics!


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