Holiday Gift Idea: The Wolverine Blu-ray


The Wolverine Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me The Wolverine for review on my movie blog. This is the same title I’m giving away. The newest installment of the Wolverine series is not a direct sequel to the last Wolverine film (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). This is a stand alone movie that takes place after the last X-Men movie (X-Men: The Last Stand). The Wolverine is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D Extended Edition. I saw the film at the theater last summer and loved it. I watched it again on Blu-ray and I still love it. The Wolverine is an excellent addition to my superhero movie library (it’s a great holiday gift for a fanboy). You can read my theatrical review here: Eight Things About The Wolverine Film. Continue reading to learn five more things about The Wolverine Blu-ray.

5 Things About The Wolverine Blu-ray

  1. From Japan to Canada and back to Japan again
    The story starts off with a prelude in Japan during WW II. That’s when the atom bombed is dropped in an area near where Wolverine is being held prisoner. The film then flashes forward to present time in a remote area in Alaska or Canada. Then a bad-ass Japanese girl recruits Logan to a trip to Japan to pay his respect to a dying friend.

  2. Wolverine has four girlfriends
    In The Wolverine, there are four women in Logan’s life. First on his list is Jean Grey, the love interest he killed in X-Men: The Last Stand. Jean is still dead, but she appears in Logan’s dreams/nightmares every night. Logan’s new love interest is Mariko. She’s the woman he’s trying to protect. Then there’s Yukio, who is Logan’s body guard in the movie. That’s right, Wolverine has a body guard. Finally, there’s Viper. She’s the villain, but she’s also somewhat attracted to Wolverine.

  3. Logan is a samurai
    In the film, a dying Japanese man calls Wolverine a ronin, which means a samurai without a master. Like a ronin, Logan’s life is lonely. As an immortal mutant, Logan knows everyone he loves will eventually die. So he keeps to himself and lives a life without any real purpose. But Logan eventually realizes he needs to live the life of a man with a purpose.

  4. This is the sixth Wolverine movie
    The Wolverine is the sixth movie Hugh Jackman appeared as Logan/Wolverine. Other movies include the X-Men trilogy, X-Men: First Class (very brief appearance), and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  5. The Wolverine Blu-ray Combo Pack includes a bunch of bonus features
    In addition to the movie in high definition and standard definition, the two-disc combo pack includes a code for streaming from the cloud, The Wolverine Second Screen App, a code for an exclusive Marvel Digital Infinite Comic, and a bunch of extra features. I have not tried the app or the digital comic, but I watched all the special features (45-60 minutes):

    • Alternate Ending
      The alternate ending is just like the regular ending, except Yukio gives Logan a present — a yellow Wolverine costume.

    • X-Men: Days of Future Past Set Tour
      In this feature, Bryan Singer takes you on a set tour of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film. According to the feature, the new movie will include characters from both the X-Men trilogy and Origin series.

    • Path of a Ronin
      The bonus feature actually consists of five segments. They range from a couple of minutes to over 20 minutes in length:

      • Inspiration: A Ronin’s Journey
        This segment explains the transformation from Wolverine the animal to Wolverine the samurai.

      • Design: Mastering the Arc
        This feature explains the shooting of the film — such as settings, clothing, props, and culture.

      • Execution: A Killer Team
        This feature is over 20 minutes long. It presents a detailed explanation of the casting involved — including hiring two inexperience actresses to play the two main Japanese characters.

      • Hugh Jackman: The Man Behind the Mutant
        This segment gushes about how Hugh Jackman is the perfect actor for Wolverine. I agree. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role.

      • Reflections: The Evolution of Wolverine
        This is a short feature about how Wolverine finally accepts who is instead of focusing on his past like in the other X-Men movies.


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  1. I really enjoyed this movie in theaters. It’s awesome that they keep evolving and filming the Wolverine story line w/o all of the other characters.

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