Holiday Gift Idea: MicroTouch SwitchBlade

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MicroTouch SwitchBlade

MicroTouch recently sent me their SwitchBlade for review on manly dad blog. The MicroTouch SwitchBlade is an all-in-one groomer. According to product literature, it’s a head to toe groomer. I’m not a hairy person so I only used a few of the features of the SwitchBlade. In my opinion, it won’t replace your regular shaver. However, it will do in a pinch. For instance, the MicroTouch SwitchBlade comes in handy at the office if you didn’t have time to shave in the morning. Or at the gym if you’re going to dinner after your workout. With a list price of under $20, the MicroTouch SwitchBlade is an excellent stocking stuffer item.

MicroTouch Switchblade consists of a two-in-one trimmer, four comb attachments, and a cleaning brush. One end of the shaver is for trimming your beard, mustache, nose hair, ear hair, sideburns, and eyebrows. There are two attachments for trimming and grooming your eyebrows. One is for shorter hairs and the other is for longer hairs.

The other end of the device is for trimming your body hair and head hair for between-barbershop haircuts. To switch from micro-groomer to full-size trimmer, all you have to do is slide the orange cover over to the other end of the trimmer. The shaver side also includes two comb attachments for trimming beards and the hair on your head.

Overall, I like the MicroTouch Switchblade. It’s small and does an adequate job of trimming my facial hair. In addition, the trimmer includes a mini light to highlight the area you’re shaving. I have to admit, it took a little getting use to shaving with the little trimmer.

What I didn’t like about the trimmer is that it is powered by AA batteries and it doesn’t have an AC adapter option. In addition, the shaver didn’t come with a carrying couch. Over time, I see myself losing track of the comb attachments and cleaning brush.

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