Six Things You Should Know About Spirit Halloween

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Spirit Halloween

We went to the Spirit Halloween store last weekend and had a haunting good time. As some of you know, I think Halloween is the best holiday of the year. That’s one of the reasons why I love the Spirit Halloween store. It has everything I need to creep out my house and throw an awesome Halloween party. If you or your kids love Halloween like my family, I highly recommend you visit the nearest Spirit Halloween. If you don’t have one in your area, don’t worry. You can check them out online and get your Halloween goodies there.

6 Things About Spirit Halloween

  1. Awesome interactive displays
    In my opinion, the displays at Spirit Halloween is the biggest reason why you should stop by the store. Unlike the big box stores, Spirit Halloween actually has many of their products set up for you to try out. My kids love pressing all the buttons to see what the props will do.

  2. Spirit Halloween props, decor and party goods

  3. Great selection of Halloween props, décor and party goods
    Unlike the big box stores, you’ll find a really big selections of Halloween props, décor and party goods at Spirit Halloween. Some of the props are amusing, but my favorites are the ones that are meant to scare people. Maybe it’s just me, but other retailers seem to be skimping on Halloween this year. Instead, they’re more focus on the upcoming Christmas season. We’ve already lost Thanksgiving to Christmas, please don’t take away Halloween too!

  4. Spirit Halloween

  5. Fabulous costumes for adults
    If you’re a grown-up looking for a great costume, Spirit Halloween is the place to go. I’ve been to the department stores, and I’ve concluded that their adult costumes are lame. At Spirit, you’ll find all sorts of costumes for adults. My favorite are the superhero costumes. BTW, I wouldn’t mind seeing my wife in one of their sexy superhero costumes for women.

  6. Spirit Halloween adult costumes

  7. Variety of costumes for kids
    Spirit Halloween also has a wonderful selection of costumes for children. They have so many costumes, it would be difficult not to find a costume for your kid. Actually, you might have the opposite problem — too many costumes to choose from. But that’s actually a nice problem to have.

  8. Spirit Halloween kids costumes

  9. Costume accessories galore
    There is a great selection of costume accessories at Spirit. And I’m not talking about just for kids. They also have adult size accessories — like Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield. You could buy their accessories for store-bought costumes or for costumes you created yourself.

  10. Spirit Halloween costume accessories

  11. Spirit of Children
    Spirit Halloween, through its Spirit of Children philanthropic program, plans to raise $5 million to help hospitals be less scary for kids and their families this year. For example, hospitals in the northwest, which will benefit from the funds raised, include Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon and Seattle Children’s Hospital in Washington. Since its inception in 2006, Spirit of Children has raised over $11 million in cash and merchandise donations.

  12. Spirit Halloween - Spirit of Children

[Disclosure: I received a gift card for visiting their store. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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