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Marvels Avengers Assemble-Assembly Required (animated)

A bunch of new Blu-ray and DVD movies this week. New titles include American Horror Story: Asylum (Jessica Lange), The Hangover Part III (Bradley Cooper), After Earth (Will Smith, Jaden Smith), Marvels Avengers Assemble-Assembly Required (animated), Europa Report, Much Ado About Nothing (Nathan Fillion), and The Purge (Ethan Hawke). Read on for a summary of the new DVD releases.

Blu-ray and DVD movie coming out the week of October 8, 2013

  • American Horror Story: Asylum
    Step inside a madhouse of horror and experience the chilling new incarnation of TV’s most daringly provocative series. The sins of the past haunt the present at the notorious Briarcliff home for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude. Forbidden desire and terrifying evil lurk around every corner…from alien abduction to demonic possession to a skin-wearing psychopath known as “Bloody Face.”
  • After Earth
    A crash landing leaves Kitai Raige and his father Cypher stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.
  • The Hangover Part III
    The Wolfpack gets together for one last time in Las Vegas — the city where it all began. With no wedding and no bachelor party, what could possibly go wrong? Yet all hell breaks loose as the city crumbles in mayhem. Hangover Part III is the epic finale to the hilarious Hangover trilogy.
  • Marvels Avengers Assemble-Assembly Required
    Experience new adventures and more heroic action from the company that brought you the biggest Super Hero movie of all time, Marvel’s The Avengers. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and the newest recruit Falcon, battle threats no single hero could vanquish in Marvel’s spectacular 2-part event, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.
  • Europa Report
    When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean could exist underneath Europa’s icy surface and may contain single-celled life, Europa Ventures, a privately funded space exploration company, sends six of the best astronauts from around the world to confirm the data and explore the revolutionary discovery. After a near-catastrophic technical failure that leads to loss of communication with Earth and the tragic death of a crew member, the surviving astronauts must overcome the psychological and physical toll of deep space travel, and survive a discovery on Europa more profound than they had ever imagined.
  • Much Ado About Nothing
    Joss Whedon’s sexy and contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s classic comedy about the story of sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick offers a sensual, tragic and occasionally absurd view of the intricate game that is love.
  • The Purge
    A family is held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized.

DVDs released last week


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