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Superman Man of Steel Costume | Costume Supercenter

Guess who I’m going to be for Halloween. Superman! I saw the Man of Steel movie earlier in the summer and loved it. Costume Supercenter sent the costume to me for review on my dad blog. I think it’s awesome. I know Halloween is still two months away, but it doesn’t hurt to shop early for a costume. Right now Costume Supercenter has a great selection of super hero costumes for men. If you wait another month, the best costumes in your size might be out of stock.

As I mentioned already, I think the Superman costume is awesome. It makes my upper body look ripped. It’s too bad the muscles don’t extend to the lower body. This seems to be the case with most costumes. I’m guessing it’s so muscles don’t end up in the knee area on some people. At least the costume makes me look like I have six-pack abs (I didn’t even have to watch what I ate or workout to get them).

The Mens Deluxe Superman Man of Steel Costume is essentially a jump suit. It includes a cape that is attached with velcro on the inside of the costume. In addition, the costume has boot straps to cover your shoes. There is also a molded belt that ties around the back.

I love the costume, but there are a couple of things I didn’t like about it. First, the muscles in the chest area is stiff. It’s just a little stiff, but I wish the molded chest was more flexible. The other negative is that the smallest size is a medium. It would have been great if it came in a small because the medium-size costume is a little baggy on me.

In conclusion, I love the Man of Steel costume even though it isn’t perfect. It makes me look super, which isn’t an easy task because I’m a geek. BTW, in addition to having a great selection of Halloween costumes, Costume Supercenter has a great exchange policy. The company will pay shipping both ways if you want to exchange the costume for a different size or different item. Nice, right?

[Disclosure: I think Halloween is the best holiday in the world.]


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