Four Things You Should Know About the Heart of the Country DVD

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Heart of the Country DVD | Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

I watched Heart of the Country over the weekend and enjoyed it. The movie is a love story about a singer who returns home after her husband is arrested. The film features Jana Kramer (One Tree Hill), Randy Wayne (True Blood), and Gerald McRaney (Major Dad). The story is based on a novel by Rene Gutteridge and John Ward. Heart of the Country (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) is available now on DVD at Walmart. Continue on to read the full review of the movie.

4 Things About Heart of the Country

  1. Homeless woman returns home
    Heart of the Country starts off with a young woman, Faith, visiting her mother’s grave. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Faith has returned home because her husband, Luke, was arrested for his part in a ponzi scheme. With their assets seized, Faith is broke and homeless. So she returns home to live with her father and to put her life back together.

  2. Dad knows best
    After she returns home, Faith meets Lee, a friend she grew up with. Lee is young, single and a doctor. He’s also attracted to Faith, who is also a little attracted to Lee. Faith’s dad, Calvin, notices the attraction so he does his best to keep them apart. He still has hope that his little girl will get back together with her husband.

  3. The music doesn’t stop
    Jana Kramer, a country singer in real life, plays the part of Faith. In the film, Faith is suppose to be an aspiring singer. You can hear Jana Kramer singing throughout the movie. Unfortunately, Faith is shown singing only for a few seconds in Heart of the Country. Fortunately, you can see her sing an entire song (The First and Last Time) in the music video special feature on the DVD.

  4. Jana Kramer is excellent
    Heart of the Country is Jana Kramer’s first leading movie role. I thought she did a decent job as Faith. At times, Jana reminded me of Famke Janssen. The film also featured Gerald McRaney (Calvin), Randy Wayne (Luke), Shaun Sipos (Lee), Anne Hawthorne (Olivia), Stefan Hajek (Hardy), Andrew Masset (Austin Carraday), Cali Ward (Victoria), John Ward (Jack Barnett), Gregory Alan Williams (Yates), Sheila Shah (Maria), Stephanie Northrup (Catherine), Bonnie Johnson (Essie Mae), Sydney Penny (Candace), and Rosalie Miller (Heather). The movie was directed by John Ward.


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