6 Things You Should Know Abut The Smurfs 2 Movie

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Smurfs 2 (Sony Pictures Animation)

My daughter and I saw an advance screening of Smurfs 2 last weekend. As expected, my daughter loved it. I think she was a Smurf in a former life. In this sequel, Gargamel creates two Naughties (grey versions of Smurfs). They are part of his plan to rule the world. The second step involves using the Smurfs secret formula to turn the Naughties into Smurfs. In the final step, Gargamel plans to siphon the Smurfs essence to power his magic wand, which he will use to conquer the planet. It’s that simple. Smurfs 2 (Sony Pictures Animation) opens in theater today. Continue reading for the full review.

Six Things About Smurfs 2

  1. The story so far
    Here’s what happened in the first Smurfs movie. The Smurfs are sucked into a vortex and end up in New York City. While there, they meet a human couple (Patrick and Grace Winslow). The couple befriends them while the Smurfs figure a way to return to their Smurf village. Meanwhile, the evil Gargamel, who followed them through the vortex, is after the Smurfs. The first movie ends with the Smurfs returning home and Gargamel stuck in New York.

  2. Gargamel is a rock star magician
    The second Smurfs movie takes place several years after the first movie. Gargamel, who is stuck in the human world, is now a world-famous magician. Meanwhile in Smurf Village, it’s Smurfette’s birthday. While the Smurfs get ready for Smurfette’s surprised party, Smurfette is adducted by two of Gargamel’s minions and taken to Paris through a vortex. The Smurfs use some magical Blue Moon crystals to create their own vortex. But they don’t know where Gargamel took Smurfette, so they travel to the home of Winslows for help.

  3. There’s a reason why there’s only one girl Smurf
    In Smurfs 2, we learn why Smurfette is the only girl Smurf. It’s because Smurfette was originally a gray Naughtie created by Gargamel. Naughties are small like Smurfs, but they are wild and mean. Luckily for Smurfette, Papa Smurf changed her to a blue Smurf by using a secret formula. And that’s how Smurfette became the first girl Smurf. A bigger question for me is: why are all the Smurfs guys to begin with? And where do baby Smurfs come from if all the Smurfs are men? I know the story is make-believe, but if you’re going to explain why Smurfette is the only girl Smurf, I think you should also explain why all the other Smurfs are boys.

  4. There’s a hotie naughtie
    If you’ve seen Glee or the first Smurfs movie, then you probably know who Jayma Mays is. She plays the part of Grace in Smurfs and Emma the school counselor in Glee. For most of the film, she looked like how she usually looks — cute, but not glamorous. But in the scene when she gives herself the Audrey Hepburn look, she looked stunning. A hotie in my book. It’s a shame she doesn’t look like that in all of her scenes.

  5. New cast members
    Hank Azaria (Gargamel), Neil Patrick Harris (Patrick), and Jayma Mays (Grace) are back as the main human characters. They are joined by Brendan Gleeson (Victor, Patrick’s step-dad) and Jacob Tremblay (Blue, Patrick’s son). Smurfs 2 also features the voices of Katy Perry (Smurfette), Christina Ricci (Vexy), Jonathan Winters (Papa Smurf), J.B. Smoove (Hackus), George Lopez (Grouchy Smurf), Anton Yelchin (Clumsy Smurf), and John Oliver (Vanity Smurf). The film was directed by Raja Gosnell.

  6. It’s rated PG
    Smurfs 2, which is 105 minutes long, is rated PG for some rude humor and action. There’s some bathroom humor in the movie. Now that I’m a dad, I’m not exactly thrill with bathroom humor — especially when the kids bring it home with them to the dinner table. Even though I’m not fond of bathroom humor, the jokes at the screening were a big hit with the kids.


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