6 Things You Should Know About Turbo – like the Green Lantern is really a snail


Turbo (DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox)

My kids and I saw an early movie screening of Turbo. The animated film is about a snail that wants to enter the Indy 500. The story is predictable, but I think most kids and parents will still enjoy it. Turbo (DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox) opens in theaters today (July 17th). Continue reading for the full review of Turbo.

Six Things You Should Know About the Turbo Movie

  1. He’s fast and furious
    Turbo, the main character, dreams about winning the Indy 500 race. Unfortunately, Turbo is a snail. Even though he is slow, Turbo never stops dreaming. Then one day, Turbo gains a superpower — he’s super fast like a racing car. Turbo can now pursue his dream of winning the Indianapolis 500. The problem is, he and his friends first have to raise $10,000 for the entry fee. Then they have to convince the Indy 500 officials to let Turbo race, which isn’t easy to do because Turbo isn’t human. But Turbo and his friends point out that there isn’t anything in the official rules that state snails can’t race in the event. Eventually, Turbo is allowed to race. During the race, Turbo has trouble at first because he’s afraid of getting run over. But then he gets into high gear and races to the finish line.

  2. It’s like a Cars prequel
    Even though Lightning McQueen in the Cars movies isn’t a snail, the Turbo movie felt like a Cars prequel. It’s essentially a story of how an unknown racer came out of nowhere to become one of the fastest racers in America.

  3. He’s not heavy, he’s my brother
    Turbo features two sets of brothers. The first pair is Turbo and his brother Chet. Turbo has dreams of winning the Indy 500. Chet, on the other hand, likes to play it safe. The other set of brothers is Tito and Angelo. They operate a small taco stand. Tito is always coming up with a new marketing scheme to drum up more business. Angelo, on the other hand, is more low-key and is basically content with his station in life.

  4. The villain is a caricature
    As soon as the hotshot Indy racer is introduced, you know he’s the villain because of the way he is drawn. He’s also vain, cocky, sneaky and predictable. In my opinion, the villain is the biggest disappointment of the movie. Why can’t the bad guy have an interesting personality like all the other characters in the movie?

  5. The Green Lantern is now a snail
    I recognized a couple of voices (Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson) in Turbo, but not Ryan Reynolds of the Green Lantern Corp. I thought all the talents did an excellent job. The film features the voices of Ryan Reynolds (Turbo), Paul Giamatti (Chet), Michael Peña (Tito), Samuel L. Jackson (Whiplash), Luis Guzmán (Angelo), Bill Hader (Guy Gagné), Snoop Dogg (Smoove Move), Maya Rudolph (Burn), Ben Schwartz (Skidmark), Richard Jenkins (Bobby), Ken Jeong (Kim Ly), Michelle Rodriguez (Paz), Mike Bell (White Shadow), Aidan Andrews (Bike Boy), and Aaron Berger (Danny). The animated film was directed by David Soren.

  6. Rated PG, but should have been G
    Turbo is 96 minutes long and is rated PG for some mild action and thematic elements. Personally, I though the movie should have been rated G. I don’t recall any really intense scenes.


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