Book Review: Time for Kids Grammar Rules!


Time for Kids Grammar Rules

Time Home Entertainment sent me their new Time for Kids Grammar Rules book for review on my dad blog. As you can tell by the title, the book is about grammar. It features funny examples and fun graphics for kids. The book is interesting like the Time for Kids Big Book series, but it’s also an activity workbook that helps children learn the material. The exercises are actually the parts I like the most about Time for Kids Grammar Rules! The book is availalbe now. It retails for $11.99, but you can currently purchase it on Amazon for $9.38.

If you’ve seen grammar books before, then you know they tend to be a bit on the boring side. I’ve tried reading one to improve my blog writing, but I kept falling asleep. I guess you readers will have to continue to suffer from my bad grammar. Luckily for kids, the Time for Kids Grammar Rules book is not boring. The paperback book makes learning fun for children. The book is intended for kids eight to twelve (grades 4-6), but it’s actually useful for anyone who wants to brush up on their grammar.

The book covers content like spelling, commonly misused words, tips to aid memory, punctuation, parts of speech, and common grammatical mistakes. The Time for Kids grammar book is organized around five sections:

  1. Parts of Speech
    Words play different roles in a sentence. Parts of speech (like nouns, pronouns, verbs, and conjunctions) tell us what those roles are. When you understand parts of speech, you understand how words fit together to make sense in a sentence.

  2. Crafting an Expert Sentence
    Sentences are the building blocks of language. We express our ideas through sentences when we speak and write.

  3. Punctuation
    Some punctuation rules are easy to remember, like whether to use a period or a question mark at the end of a sentence. Other punctuation rules can be confusing, like whether to use a comma in a sentence.

  4. Use the Correct Word Every Time
    Your writing can be only as good as the words you use, and choosing the right words can be a challenge. This section will help you choose the right words and spell them correctly every time.

  5. Ready to Write
    Writing is a way to share useful information. It’s also a way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Do you want to know the secret to becoming a better writer? Write, write, and write some more! Begin a journal. Write long letters to friends and family members. Take lots of notes during class. Start a blog.

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