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Missy Mila Twisted Tales Volume 1

Organa sent me their Missy Mila Twisted Tales Volume 1 DVD for review on my dad blog. In the DVD, Missy Mila is an eight-year old girl who’s very energetic. She’s a quirky tomboy that loves to tell traditional story-tales, but with a very modern twist (hence the name, Twisted Tales). According to my wife, the episodes on the DVD are about being nice, sharing, helping each other out, and finding the good in bad people.

Missy Mila Twisted Tales Volume 1 is 101 minutes long. It includes 13 episodes:

  • The Hidden Princess
    The Princess and Prince out-smart the King so they can get marry

  • The Toupouloupou
    The Toupouloupou is said to eat humans, but when one human shared his sweets they ended up being friends

  • Baba Yaga the Witch
    Natashia’s step-mom sent her to the witch’s house to be eaten, but she was saved by the cat because she was nice

  • Djoha’s Last Lie
    Djoha wants to tell one last lie so he can become rich and then never lie again

  • Piboule and the Bear
    Piboule gets some help from the bees to track down the missing bear

  • Strabiwolf the Telltale
    Strabiwolf tells the King what he overheard from the fox, but he was actually out-smart by the fox

  • The Donkey and the King
    The Donkey and the King switch places, then the King realizes that it’s awful to obey someone’s command all the time

  • The Houses of the Pig Brothers
    It’s a twist on The Three Little Pigs, but in this story the pigs agree to help the bull if he promises to leave them alone and help rebuild their houses

  • Elvis
    It’s about a donkey who gets kissed by a princess and then turns into a human

  • Captain Bloody-Nose the Pirate
    The main character becomes the bravest pirate and then nobody makes fun of his nose again

  • The Leprechaun’s Treasure
    Gus learns a valuable lesson in lying and the Leprechaun ends up with all his gold back

  • Aurel the MockerAurel the Mocker
    Aurel is turned into a hedgehog by a witch for mocking other people

  • Pancho Pimento’s Riddle
    Pancho gets to marry the princess if he can tell a riddle that King can’t solve

More info: Missy Mila Twisted Tales Volume 1 DVD


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