6 Things You Should Know About The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger | Disney Pictures

My son and I saw an early screening of The Lone Ranger last week. The film is basically a western about a Texas Ranger in the pursuit of his brother’s killer. The movie is a little on the long side (about two and half hours), but the story went by fast. We enjoyed the movie because it featured an entertaining blend of action, suspense and humor. The Lone Ranger (Disney Pictures) opens today at a theater near you. Note: the film is PG-13 for intense action and violence, and some suggestive material.

Six Things You Should Know About The Lone Ranger

  1. The Lone Ranger is a lawyer
    The main character in the film is John Reid (Armie Hammer), who is a lawyer. He believes in justice by laws and not guns. His brother is a Texas Ranger who deputizes John so he can help bring in an outlaw. While riding in his brother’s posse, the group is ambushed. An Indian, Tonto (Johnny Depp), comes along and ends up saving John’s life. After Tonto nurses John back to health, he convinces John to wear a mask. He tells John that everyone thinks he is dead, so the mask will protect his real identity.

  2. Ke-mo sah-bee means wrong brother
    In the movie, Tonto refers to The Lone Ranger as Ke-mo sah-bee. When John Reid asks what does that mean, Tonto tells him it means “wrong brother.” Tonto thought John’s brother should have been the one to survive the ambush because he was a true warrior. In the TV series, Ke-mo sah-bee actually meant “trusty scout” or “trusted friend.”

  3. Everyone wants to know why the Long Ranger wears a mask
    In the TV series, people kept asking, “who was that masked man?” But in the movie, the central question is, “why do you wear a mask?” This question actually made people watching the screening laugh because The Lone Ranger asked Tonto the very same question. In addition to hiding his identity, Tonto tells The Lone Ranger the mask will make him more terrifying. But instead of being scared, people just want to know why he wears a mask.

  4. Long Ranger can’t shoot and hates guns
    As I said before, John Reid is a lawyer who believes in the law. He doesn’t believe justice from the end of a gun. In fact, John doesn’t even want to carry a gun. At times, he can’t even shoot a gun properly. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly happy with the idea of a Texas Ranger who can’t shoot and doesn’t want to use a gun.

  5. Theme song brings story back to life
    I thought the origin of The Lone Ranger early in the story was interesting. However, the best part of the film is near the end of the film. That’s when we finally hear the entire theme song from The Long Ranger. The song gets your blood pumping and makes the fight scene so much more entertaining. The final battle is also when we see the true Lone Ranger — the one that can shoot with deadly accuracy and engage in daring stunts to stop the outlaws. BTW, I have never seen the TV series, but the Lone Ranger at the end of the movie is how I imagined him to be like.

  6. Tonto is a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow
    I enjoyed the performances of Johnny Depp (Tonto), Armie Hammer (John Reid, The Lone Ranger), and Helena Bonham Carter (Red Harrington). They were wonderful in The Lone Ranger. However, at times, I saw a bit of Captain Jack Sparrow in Tonto. But instead of a pirate that say and do odd things, we have a Comanche who say and do odd things. The Lone Ranger also featured Barry Pepper (Captain Jay Fuller), William Fichtner (Butch Cavendish), James Badge Dale (Dan Reid), James Frain (Ruth Wilson), Rebecca Reid (W. Earl Brown), Stache (Tom Wilkinson), Latham Cole (Matt O’Leary), Mason Cook (Will), Harry Treadaway (Frank), and Timothy V. Murphy (Fritz). The film was directed by Gore Verbinski.


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