Review: Mighty Messes – Thomas, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam

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Mighty Messes | Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Mighty Messes is the latest release by Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. It includes six cleanup-themed episodes featuring Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, and Bob the Builder. Mighty Messes isn’t available on DVD — only via digital download and video on demand. With the popularity of smartphones, tablets, media players, and streaming, more and more preschool titles are going to be available via digital download and on demand only. What a shame. My toddler doesn’t like sitting in front of a computer screen to watch movies.

Mighty Messes Synopsis
There are dirty jobs, but somebody’s got to do them and Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder are ready! Thomas and Rosie enjoy a game of splashing puddles but can Thomas stop playing when it’s time to be a Really Useful Engine? See if Fireman Sam, Penny and Jupiter can get out of a sticky situation when Norman ignores some helpful instructions. Will Scratch be able to juggle work and play to get the stadium done in time? Join your favorite friends as they get in — and out — of six messy adventures and prove that good friendships are the foundation of success!

Mighty Messes Episodes

  • Thomas & Friends – A Blooming Mess
    Emily learns that she needs to ask to find out how someone is feeling or what they need help with instead of taking things into her own hands and making matters worse.

  • Thomas & Friends – Splish Splash Splosh
    When Thomas blows out his fire box, he realizes that the game he was playing is no longer fun. He learns that he has to stop playing when it’s time to be a really useful engine.

  • Fireman Sam – Sticky Situation
    Norman learns a hard lesson when he doesn’t follow directions and ends up causing a fire. Fireman Sam comes to the rescue and teaches Norman that even though he may not like to follow instructions, directions are there to help us.

  • Fireman Sam – Flood’s Flood
    Fireman Sam teaches us to stay calm, don’t panic, call for help and do one thing at a time during an emergency.

  • Bob the Builder – Start From Scratch
    Scratch wants to work and play soccer at the same time. But he ends up distracting the workers and turning the job into a big mess. He eventually learns that they all need to finish what they started before they can play around.

  • Bob the Builder – Travis’ New Garage
    Rolly really likes looking for lost items. When things go missing, Bob teaches Rolly to find out if the item is lost or if someone left it there on purpose.

[Disclosure: Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment sent me a login to watch the movie for review purposes. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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