Review: 2013 Hess Miniature 18-Wheeler and Racecars

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My son with the 2013 Hess Mini Truck and Race Cars

Look what my son got (photo above). It’s the new Hess Mini Toy Truck. This year’s model is a miniature 18-wheeler truck. It includes two little race cars. My son and I love. It’s fun to play, rolls smoothly, and is built well. The toy even includes an Energizer battery. Best of all, the 2013 Hess Miniature 18-Wheeler and Racecars is priced at only $7.99. The new mini-truck is available now at participating Hess and Hess Express retail stores.

2013 Hess Miniature 18-Wheeler and Racecars

2013 Hess Mini Toy Truck Highlights

  • Miniature 18-wheeler truck
  • Box trailer with two sleek racecars in matching green and white
  • Double decker ramps and a slide out ramp for the racecars
  • Upper ramp swings down to lower ramp
  • Working lights
  • Two windows on each side
  • Vertical double doors on the back

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