Movie Review: Iron Man 3 – the end of a superhero

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Iron Man 3 - Marvel Studios

My oldest son and I saw an early screening of Iron Man 3. We loved it! The new Ironman movie isn’t as awesome as the Avengers movie. But I enjoyed the story more and there’s plenty of action even though there’s only one superhero. And yes, Stan Lee is in this Marvel film too. This time, he’s a judge of a beauty contest. Lucky guy. Iron Man 3 (Marvel Studios) opens in theaters today (May 3rd). Continue reading for the full review.

The 411 for Iron Man 3

The story Iron Man tries to stop a new terrorist (the Mandarin)
Appropriateness for children It’s fine for children. No nudity or profanity (other than words like hell). There are a lot of fighting scenes, but nothing gory.
  • Interesting story with surprising twists
  • Awesome special effects
  • Robert Downey Jr. is excellent
  • War Machine is now Iron Patriot, even though they are two different characters in the comic books
Release date May 3, 2013
Rating Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief suggestive content
Runtime 130 minutes
Genre Action, adventure, sci-fi

Unleash the power behind the armor
The new villain in town is the Mandarin. He’s a cunning and ruthless terrorist. Tony’s friend, James Rhodes (War Machine), tells Iron Man to stay out of it because the Mandarin is considered a political problem. But then another friend of Tony is injured doing a Mandarin attack. In a rage, Tony dares the Mandarin to attack him. The Mandarin obliges and nearly kills Iron Man. Tony goes into hiding and uses his wits instead of his armor to track down the Mandarin. The third Iron Man movie actually reminded me of the first Iron Man movie when Tony used his brain to save himself from another group of terrorists.

Iron Patriot, Mandarin, and A.I.M.
Iron Man 3 features Iron Patriot, Mandarin, and A.I.M., which are all characters from the comic books. In the movie, Iron Patriot is actually War Machine painted red, white and blue. I was a little disappointed in this change because Iron Patriot was a completely different character in the comic books. In fact, he was a villain that fought Iron Man many times. Iron Patriot was never on the same team as Iron Man.

The end of a superhero
This isn’t a spoiler. But based on the ending, I can’t help but wonder if this film is the final installment of the Iron Man series. Obviously, with Avengers 2 coming out next year, Iron Man is still alive and well. But will there be anymore Iron Man movies? Something tells me that depends on how many hundreds of millions Iron Man 3 will take in this month.

Tony Start is a jerk, but you love him anyway
Robert Downey Jr. is outstanding as Tony Stark. His character is actually more interesting than Iron Man. At times, Stark is an ass, but you can’t help but love him anyway. I also thought Ben Kingsley was excellent as the Mandarin. I didn’t even recognized him until after I saw the credits. Iron Man 3 also featured Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian), Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes), Rebecca Hall (Maya Hansen), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan), James Badge Dale (Savin), Stephanie Szostak (Brandt), Paul Bettany (Jarvis), William Sadler (President Ellis), Dale Dickey (Mrs. Davis), Ty Simpkins (Harley Keener), Miguel Ferrer (Vice President Rodriguez), and Xueqi Wang (Doctor Wu). The film was directed by Shane Black.


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