Oblivion Movie Review – it's a sci-fi threesome

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Oblivion - Universal Pictures

My oldest son and I saw an early screening of Oblivion in IMAX. The film is a sci-fi story starring Tom Cruise (Jack Harper), Olga Kurylenko (Julia) and Andrea Riseborough (Victoria). The story takes place in the future after decades of war with aliens called Scavs. Jack, Julia and Andrea are a few of the remaining humans left on a post-apocalyptic Earth. My son and I love the movie. The story is excellent and the special effects are dazzling. Oblivion (Universal Pictures) opens in theaters on Friday. Continue reading for the full review.

The 411 for Oblivion

The story A drone repairman tries to save the human race
Appropriateness for children There’s some brief nudity and mild profanity, but the movie is OK for children
  • Excellent story
  • Good mystery and unexpected twists
  • Stunning IMAX surround sound
  • The two main female characters are a bit weak
Release date April 19, 2013
Rating Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity
Runtime 126 minutes
Genre Sci-fi, action, fantasy

Earth is a memory worth fighting for
Oblivion takes place in the future. An alien race known as the Scavs blows up the moon and invades Earth. The humans are forced to fight back by using nukes. They win the war, but leave the planet inhabitable. The movie takes place after these events. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is the last drone repairman stationed on Earth. It’s his job to keep the drones online to protect the machines that convert sea water into fusion power. The humans need the power to colonized Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. The Scavs are trying to stop them.

Oblivion ~ Jack Harper and Julia
Jack Harper and Julia – we’re going to die!

Part sci-fi, part mystery, and a twist of a love
When I watch a movie, I’m usually pretty good at guessing what will happen next. And if you’ve seen the trailer, you already know things are not what they seem to be. But despite this, I was still caught off guard with some of the twists in the story. Oblivion isn’t an action-packed sci-fi flick like Star Wars or Star Trek. There is quite a bit of action, but it’s more about the story and mystery. And yes, there’s even elements of a love story in Oblivion.

Oblivion ~ Victoria
Victoria – I’m pretty and serious look

Tom Cruise is buffed
As usual, Tom Cruise (Jack Harper) does an excellent job. At times he shows his age, but he seems to be more buffed than when he starred in Top Gun 27 years ago. The two main women characters are Julia (Olga Kurylenko) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). They are in a good part of the movie, but the characters seem undeveloped. They are not an effective team (a line from the movie). Oblivion also featured Morgan Freeman (Beech), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Sykes), Melissa Leo (Sally), and Zoe Bell (Kara). The film was directed by Joseph Kosinski.


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