Review: Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out DVD – it's Sithy good

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Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out DVD

Look what Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me for review on my dad blog (photo above). It’s the new Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out DVD. My kids and I are big Star Wars and Lego fans. So we think the new DVD from the LEGO Group and Lucasfilm is totally awesome. Even though the DVD is very short, we love the animated Star Wars Lego movie. BTW, the DVD also includes an exclusive Darth Vader LEGO mini-figure. The Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out DVD is available now. It has a list price of $14.98, but you can currently purchase it on Amazon for $9.99.

The Empire Strikes Out is both funny and exciting. The DVD features characters and storylines from both the old and new Star Wars trilogies. One of my favorite scenes in the animated movie involves a light saber dual between Darth Vader and Darth Maul. In the real Star Wars movies, Anakin (Darth Vader) was only a child when Darth Maul was killed. But in the Lego Star Wars universe, both characters are adults and alive. Feel free to check out the photo stills from Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out on my Facebook album.

In addition to Darth Vader and Darth Maul, other Star Wars characters include Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3P0, R2-D2, Jar Jar Binks, and Emperor Palpatine. The Empire Strikes Out is a follow-up to Star Wars Lego: The Padawan Menace. However, you don’t really need to see the first movie to understand what’s going on in the second installment. To be honest, I don’t really remembered what happened in the first animated movie.

Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out Synopsis

Your favorite characters are back to save the galaxy in LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. The heroes of the Rebel Alliance including heroic Luke Skywalker, swaggering Han Solo and steadfast Princess Leia have no time to celebrate their victory over the Empire as a new Imperial threat arises. But as Jedi-in training Luke embarks on this next mission, he discovers that his celebrity status as a “Death-Star-Blower-Upper” can be a double-edged lightsaber when he’s constantly mobbed by crazed fans. So much for secret missions! Meanwhile, Darth Vader and Darth Maul are locked in a hilarious “Sith-ling” rivalry as they compete for the Emperor’s approval. It’s an action-packed comic adventure that’s out of this world!

More info: Star Wars Lego: The Empire Strikes Out


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