Costume Review: Batgirl – a new superhero sidekick for the Dark Knight

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Batgirl Halloween costume

Check out my little Batgirl in the photos above and below. Isn’t she cute? Wholesale Halloween Costumes sent the Bat Girl costume to me for review on my dad blog. My little girl and I love it. I think my daughter makes an awesome super hero. The Batgirl costume includes a dress, cape, boot tops, handcuffs, belt and mask. It is available in small, medium, and large. It’s currently priced at $25.90.

Batgirl superhero costume

The superhero costume we received looks great and feels soft. It’s easy for my child to put on and take off. You can’t stick the costume in the washer and dryer. However, you can clean it with a damp cloth and you can also line dry the costume. As I said previously, we love the costume. But if we didn’t like it, or if the size didn’t fit, we could have easily returned and exchanged the costume for free. Nice, right?

Halloween is more than six months away, but I’m already thinking about buying one of the many Dark Knight costumes on the Wholesale Halloween Costumes online store. I think it would be cool if I dressed up as Batman while my daughter dressed up as Batgirl when we go trick-or-treating later this year.

Speaking of the Dark Knight, check out this interesting article about Batman in the classroom. It’s about using Batman and The Simpsons as teaching tools in the classroom. When my oldest son first started going to school, the only books he was interested in reading were comic books. I was worried about that, but his teacher told my wife and I that reading graphic novels is still reading. Now my son is actually quite the reader. His fourth grade team recently finished second in the Battle of the Books contest at his school (they lost to the fifth graders). Awesome!


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