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Escape from Planet Earth film ~ The Weinstein Company

My youngest daughter (age seven) and I saw Escape from Planet Earth (The Weinstein Company). The animated movie is about an alien astronaut who comes to Earth because of a SOS signal. But instead of rescuing someone, the alien ends up getting captured. My daughter loved the film. I enjoyed it too, but I think this is one of those movies that children will enjoy more than parents will. Escape from Planet Earth is out in theaters now.

The 411 for Escape from Planet Earth

The story An alien is captured on Earth
Appropriateness for children There is some minor bathroom humor, otherwise there really isn’t anything parents should be concerned about.
  • Entertaining and funny at times
  • I enjoyed the sci-fi theme
  • Excellent cast and animation
  • Story was a bit predictable
Release date February 15, 2013
Rating Rated PG for action and some mild rude humor
Runtime 89 minutes
Genre Animation, comedy, sci-fi

A story about two alien brothers
The main characters in Escape from Planet Earth are Scorch and Gary Supernova. Scorch is a famous astronaut on the planet Baab (pronounced Bob in the film). He is big, strong, and admired by everyone. Gary, on the other hand, is the thinker in the family. He works behind the scene in mission control at BASA (rhymes with NASA; get it?). One day, the two brothers get in a fight and decide to go their separate ways. Then Scorch is captured on Earth and Gary has to figure how to rescue him.

Earth’s greatest secrets are about to break out
When Scorch is captured on Earth, he is taken to Area 51. As it turns out, a secret government organization has been capturing aliens for many years and have been making the aliens work on various projects. But the leader of the government group has a secret agenda that the aliens know nothing about. BTW, the hazmat crew looked like A.I.M. agents from the Marvel comic books.

All-star cast
I love the voices in Escape from Planet Earth. Even though they are not the main characters in the film, Ricky Gervais (Mr. James Bing) and Sofía Vergara (Gabby Babblebrock) are the most recognizable voices. The film also feature the voices of Brendan Fraser (Scorch Supernova), Rob Corddry (Gary Supernova), Jonathan Morgan Heit (Kip Supernova), Jessica Alba (Lena Thackleman), Paul Scheer (Cameraman), Jason Simpson (Barry), Sarah Jessica Parker (Kira Supernova), Doug Abrahams (Hazmat / Baabian Citizen), Jason Benson (Hazmat), Trevor Devall (Hazmat), Brian Dobson (Hazmat), Brad Dryborough (Hazmat), and Gabe Khouth (Hazmat). The animated film was directed by Cal Brunker.


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