Won't Back Down and .Me Giveaways Winners


Good morning, dads and moms. I plan on taking the kids to Powell’s Books today. It should be really interesting. One dad, four kids, and the world’s largest book store (several floors and two buildings). Hopefully, I won’t lose more than one of the little monsters. Before I go, I have two winner announcements this morning. But first, here are the current open giveaways on my dad blog:

Won’t Back Down Giveaway
Lindsay McCain is the winner of the Won’t Back Down Giveaway. Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, she won Won’t Back Down on Blu-ray. Congrats to the Lindsay!

.Me Giveaway
Congrats to Gena (gmmerrell), Cassandra Mccann, and Amadeo Cortez! They are the winners of the .Me Giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to .Me Registry, they each won a .Me domain.

Enjoy the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Won't Back Down and .Me Giveaways Winners

  1. congrats winner. Hope your trip was not that crazy I know with my 2 kids this dad gets his head spinning on such adventures

  2. i only have ONE kid and i couldn’t go to a bookstore with him, especially not a 4-story book store. i’d hire a babysitter for sure. i could spend hours upon hours in the dinky mall bookstores, can’t imagine how hopelessly giddy i’d be in a big one :-)

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