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Bob The Builder: Teamwork Time DVD ~ Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Did everyone have a good Christmas? My wife and I wanted to sleep in so we told the kids we’re going to wait until after lunch to open Christmas presents. Didn’t work. The horrible monsters still woke up before dawn and made us get up too. Anyway, let’s get to today’s review and giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, I’m giving away Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time DVD. The latest Can-Do Crew title is available now on DVD, digital download and video-on-demand. It has a list price of $9.98, but you can currently purchase it on Amazon for $7.64.

Bob The Builder: Teamwork Time DVD is about 55 minutes long. As you tell by the title, the DVD has a teamwork theme. Actually, all of the Bob the Builder DVDs I’ve seen seem to have a teamwork theme. The latest title includes five episodes and three bonus features.

Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time Episodes

Whizzy Dizzy
In this episode, Dizzy thinks that by being fast it would show how really useful she is. Unfortunately, she makes a lot of mistakes and ends up not being useful at all. Bob shows Dizzy that being useful doesn’t mean you need to be fast. To be useful, you have to be careful and thoughtful in the things that you do, that’s what really gets the job done.

Stage Struck Dizzy
In episode two, Spud goes missing before his performance on stage. Instead of looking for him, Dizzy wants to play the part for Spud because she like the theatre. But soon she is ashamed that she would think like that instead helping to find her friend like everyone else.

Roley’s Weather Rap
In this episode, Roley really likes to rap to the weather. So instead of reporting the real weather as it happens, he focuses on rapping the report and almost causes a bad accident. He eventually learns that you can do the weather rap but safety comes first.

Scrambler’s Best Idea
In episode four, Scramble is upset that he did not win the tree house design for the kids playground. He sets out to build his own tress house by himself and takes some of Scramble supplies. But then he feels bad when Scramble comes up short on supplies. Scramble finally learns that he can’t build a tree house by himself. It takes team effort to work together to build such an important project for the kids.

Bob and the Trampoline
In this episode, the Can-Do Crew builds a trampoline. But Scratch runs into some problems and decides that he will fix the problem on his own. However, things don’t work out and Scratch finally learns that it’s better to share some problems with the crew so they can come up with a solution.

Down on the Farm Music Video
The bonus “Down on the Farm” music video is about how lucky and fun it is to be living on the farm, being outside and breathing all the fresh air.

I’m a Tractor Music Video
In this bonus music video, the tractor and Farmer Pickles sing about being a tractor on the farm. They sing about life on the farm and being happy and everything is fine as fine can be.

Picking up the Pieces Music Video
This is a good music video about everybody doing fine and everything will be okay. It’s about how great it is to be a part of a winning team.

Teamwork Time Giveaway
Thanks to Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, a reader of my dad blog will win a Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time DVD. The winner will be randomly selected. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Friday, January 4th (Eastern time). The giveaway is limited to readers in the USA. If you don’t see an entry form below, please wait for the Rafflecopter giveaway form to load (or refresh the browser).

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[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, but they are not the administrators of the giveaway on my dad blog. I am not liable for the prize. I received a DVD for review purposes. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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  1. My son is obsessed with Bob the Builder. He is 5 years old, sings the theme song word for word, and his dad is a construction worker, so it really hits a soft spot for the whole family. He would really love the dvd :) Lol, we all would.

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