2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Movies Edition


Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me

Christmas is now three days away. Good luck to you if you’re still looking for a gift idea. Here’s a thought: DVDs and Blu-rays are excellent gifts for movie lovers. They’re not exactly the sexyest of gift ideas, but DVDs and Blu-rays are easy to find and they appeal to just about everyone (as long you get the right movie). In addition, movies are relatively inexpensive. Below are some of my favorite movies I’ve seen this year.

Eight Movies Gift Ideas

  • Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me
    My two girls (ages seven and twelve) and my wife loved this movie. Don’t laugh, but I enjoyed the Katy Perry movie too. The film chronicles Perry’s year-long California Dreams World Tour in 2011. There is a lots of sing and you get to see a different side of Katy.

  • The Dark Knight Rises (review)
    I saw the new Batman movie twice last summer and think it’s the best movie of the year. The Dark Knight Rises is the third installment of the rebooted Batman series, but you don’t really need to see the first two Batman movies to appreciate The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Marvel’s The Avengers (review)
    The Avengers features Captain America, Ironman, The Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Loki, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. It offers an excellent blend of action, drama, and comedy.

  • Ruby Sparks (review)
    Looking for a gift for a hopeless romantic? Then Ruby Sparks might be the answer. The movie is about a novelist whose imagination invades his reality. Even though the film is a little sad and tense at times, I found the overall story delightful.

  • The Hunger Games (review)
    This is an excellent gift for a fan of The Hunger Games book series by Suzanne Collins. My two oldest children (ages twelve and nine) and I love this film.

  • American Horror Story (review)
    American Horror Story is the best TV show I’ve seen this year. It’s an excellent gift for a fan of creepy supernatural stories.

  • The Amazing Spider-man (review)
    The new Spiderman movie is another excellent gift for the superhero in your family. It’s a reboot of the Spiderman story and features Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker’s love interest. And this time around, the villain is the Lizard.

  • Prometheus
    This movie is an excellent gift for a fan of the Alien series. Prometheus is a prequel to the Alien series, and is essentially an origin story.


3 thoughts on “2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Movies Edition

  1. I’ve seen 5/8 of the movies/shows above and I’d have to say the one I liked the best would be The Avengers followed closely by The Hunger Games.

  2. I missed out on all of these movies.
    I hope that I get to see them on television soon!

    The Avengers is coming next weekend, I feel I might be in luck ;)

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