Holiday Gift Idea: Shellback Rum – perfect for pirates, pollywogs, and landlubbers


Shellback Rum Silver Rum and Spiced Rum

Here’s a holiday gift idea for the pirate in your life: Shellback Rum [Facebook]. The company sent me a bottle of their Silver Rum and Spiced Rum for review on my dad blog. I’ve never had rum before, but after trying Shellback Rum, I can see myself drinking rum more often. Not only is their rum taste wonderful, but the bottles are beautiful too. The company also sent me the bottles in a wooden box engraved with my name. Nice!

I’m a novice when it comes to reviewing rum, so below are some material about Shellback Rum. BTW, you can buy Shellback Rum at a liquor store near you.

Silver Rum – smooth and floral
Shellback Silver is a crisp, clean-tasting rum for the sophisticated palate. Its floral overtones are layered with the suggestion of vanilla and tropical fruit to provide a sweet, smooth taste that’s just right for sipping or mixing in one of their signature cocktails. It’s 80 proof.

Spiced Rum – caramel and vanilla
Shellback Spiced is a smooth-tasting, medium-bodied rum of remarkable quality. With no sugar added, its 12 exotic spices combine to offer unique overtones of caramelized honey, cinnamon and vanilla to create the distinguished taste you’re ready for. It’s 80 proof.


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