2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Toys and Kids Edition


Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Playset ~ Mattel

Today I have a list of toys and other items of interest for kids. The list consists of products I or my children have actually used. These are items that I think some kids might enjoy under the Christmas tree.

Gift Ideas for Toys and Other Kids Items

  • Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway Playset
    My toddler is a big Disney Pixar’s Cars fan, and he loves this Mattel Cars Micro Drifters set. It features a track and a tiny Lightning McQueen. Additional Micro Drifter characters are sold in three-packs.

  • Chuggington Die-Cast Wilson’s Wild Ride (review)
    This is a fun trainset for a train lover. My toddler loves it. It’s sturdy, and easy to assemble and reassemble. The Chuggington playset includes two train vehicles (Wilson and a hopper car), tracks, and various accessories.

  • Hess Toy Trucks (review)
    If you’re looking for high quality and fun toy, then you should seriously consider Hess toy trucks. This year’s model is a helicopter and rescue vehicle. The Hess helicopter toy doesn’t just look like a helicopter, it also sounds like one too and has working rotor blades.

  • Fijit Friends Yippits (review)
    Here’s another fun toy from Mattel: Fijit Friends Yippits. A Yippits is essentially a dancing toy pet. There are four versions (Patter, Scooch, Plooki and Skippa). The toy is intended for girls ages six and up (my daughter wants one for Christmas). My three-year old son also loves this toy.

  • iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones (review)
    These are cute headphones for children. It comes in turtle, ladybug and snail designs. One of the best features is the built-in volume limiter.

  • GUM Star Wars Toothbrushes (review)
    This is a fun and practical gift for the little Jedi Knight in your family. Sunstar GUM has a line of both Power and Lightsaber brushes. Characters for the power toothbrush series includes Darth Vader and Clone Captain Rex. The Lightsaber series consists of Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader.

  • Sharpie Brush Tip Markers (review)
    I think this Sharpie brush tip marker set is a nice gift for the young and serious artist in the family. Your artist-in-training can can create fine lines, bold strokes and shading with a single pen. The Sharpie Brush Tip markers come in twelve colors: berry, black, blue, brown, green, lime, magenta, orange, purple, red, turquoise and yellow.


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