Holiday Gift Idea: iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones for Kids


ZAGG iFrogz Animatone Headphones ~ snail, lady bug, and turtle

ZAGG sent me a set of their Animatone earphones for review on my dad blog. I received the turtle design, but the headphones are also available with a ladybug or snail design. The sound quality isn’t great for audio enthusiasts, but it’s more than fine for kids. In my opinion, the best feature is the headphone’s built-in volume limiter. They’re great for protecting the ears of your little ones. The iFrogz Animatone over-ear headphones is priced at $24.99 each.

ZAGG iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones for Kids

iFrogz Animatone Headphones Pro’s

  • Limits audio to 85 decibels to help protect young, developing ears
  • Three cute designs (snail, lady bug, turtle)
  • Lightweight construction
  • Adjustable headset
  • I don’t have to hear my kids play their DS and iPod games anymore

iFrogz Animatone Headphones Con’s

  • A few kids will probably accidentally rip out the wires from the earphones
  • Even with the volume limiter, it was too loud when I cranked up my iPod

4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Idea: iFrogz Animatone Over-Ear Headphones for Kids

  1. I keep seeing these everywhere.. they’re very cute and it’s nice that they have a limit on them. I think that if you simply teach your kids not to blow out their ears, they’ll listen.. well, if you have obedient kids.

  2. I like these especially with the volume limiter built in. Kids will harm their hearing if given the chance by blasting their eardrums.

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