Holiday Gift Idea: an awesome Hess toy truck


Hess helicopter and rescue truck

Hess [Facebook | Twitter] sent me their new 2012 toy truck for review on my dad blog. This year’s model is actually a helicopter and rescue vehicle. My kids and I think the toy is totally awesome. It will make an excellent gift for a child and even for parents who like to collect Hess toy trucks. The high quality truck is available now for $26.99. And for the first time in Hess’ 48-year history, dads and moms can order the truck online. Previously, you could only purchase the toy at Hess retail stores in the East coast. Now the rest of the nation can enjoy Hess toy trucks.

2012 Hess Toy Truck

As usual, the new Hess helicopter and rescue vehicle are well made. The craftsmanship is incredible. You can tell the people who made the toys did so with pride. BTW, the vehicles are battery powered, and Energizer batteries are included. Nice, right?

The Hess helicopter toy doesn’t just look like a helicopter, it sounds like one and even has working rotor blades. You should’ve seen the looks on my kids’ faces when my toddler turned on the rotors. They actually thought the helicopter could fly for real. Silly kids.

As if the helicopter isn’t enough, the truck set also includes a rescue vehicle. The car has working lights and a friction motor that helps propel the vehicle.

Helicopter Features

  • Motorized main and tail rotors
  • Three authentic sounds: ignition, takeoff, and fly by
  • Real working lights including running lights that work in flash or steady mode
  • A set of high powered pivoting searchlights that light up
  • Push-button activated cargo bay door release
  • Retractable landing gear

Rescue Vehicle Features

  • Friction motor
  • Working head, tail, and accent lights
  • Retractable emergency lights
  • Chrome detailing

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Idea: an awesome Hess toy truck

  1. The Hess trucks are great quality toys. My cousin sends a new one every year for my son because we did not get them here. They are the best. Love that they come with batteries. It’s nice that you can order them now.

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