Review and Giveaway ~ Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD and Book + Halloween safety tips


Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD ~ Anchor Bay

Chuggington sent me the new Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD (Anchor Bay) for review and giveaway on my dad blog. Wait, that’s not all. I’m also giving away the recently published Icy Escapades book (Scholastic). The Icy Escapades book is available now for $3.99. The DVD was released yesterday with a list price of $14.98. However, you can currently purchase the Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD for $11.93 on Amazon.

Before I get to the Icy Escapades review, I want to wish everyone a spooky and safe Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, here are some safety tips from the Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe! traffic safety campaign (sponsored by Chuggington and NHTSA):

  • Walk on the sidewalk
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic
  • Use a crosswalk if you can to cross the street
  • When crossing the street, look left-right-left for cars, and continue to keep looking for cars as you cross

Chuggington: Icy Escapades book ~ Scholastic

Now on to the review. First of all, the Icy Escapade book is actually the printed version of the Wilson’s Icy Escapade episode on the DVD. The book is cute and your little trainee will love it (my kids do). The books is filled with colorful illustrations. I’m not sure what the reading level is, but the book is something my second grader can read.

The Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD features six episodes and two bonus features. The DVD has a run time of about 61 minutes. My kids love the delightful Chuggington DVD. They think it’s traintastic and know all the characters in the episodes.

The Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD Episodes and Bonus Features

  • Chilly Chuggers
    An ice storm is coming so the crew has to spray the tracks with anti-freeze. Koko wants to help so she sprays the tracks too. Unfortunately, she uses water instead of anti-freeze. This of course makes it even easier for the tracks to freeze.

  • Snowstruck Wilson
    In this episode, Wilson wishes for snow and then his wish comes true. Wilson loves the snow, but he gets lost and then trapped in a tunnel.

  • Wilson’s Icy Escapade
    Wilson and Koko has to help spread sand on tracks because it’s getting icy. They decide to take a short cut through the tunnels, but then they get lost.

  • Heave Ho Harrison
    Harrison shows Koko the finer points of snow plowing the tracks. Harrison believes he’s strong enough to plow through any drift. Then Harrison gets stuck because the snow drift is too big for him to handle.

  • Hodge Sails Away
    It’s a windy day and Eddie the train worker is flooded with work requests. Hodge helps Eddie, but messes things up when he changes the order of the jobs.

  • Rolling Reporter Wilson
    In this episode, Wilson is selected to be a roving TV reporter. But then he gets distracted and loses the camera car.

  • Honk Your Horns
    In this bonus feature, Wilson tries to earn his horn honking badge. At first Wilson fails his test, but then he redeems himself when he spots a problem and alerts the other trains.

  • Spotlight
    There are two spotlights in the bonus extras. One of the spotlight is on Speedy, and the other spotlight is on Frostini.

Chuggington Icy Escapades Giveaway
Thanks to Chuggington, a reader of my dad blog will win a Chuggington: Icy Escapades DVD and book. The winner will be randomly selected. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Thursday, November 8th (Eastern time). The giveaway is limited to readers in the USA. If you don’t see an entry form below, please wait for the Rafflecopter giveaway form to load or refresh the browser.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by Chuggington, but they are not the administrators of the giveaway on my blog. I am not liable for the prize. I received a DVD and book for hosting this contest. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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