Angelina Ballerina: Celebrate with Angelina DVD Review


Angelina Ballerina: Celebrate with Angelina DVD ~ Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment and sent me the new Celebrate with Angelina DVD for review on my dad blog. The DVD boxset includes three Angelina Ballerina titles: Nutcracker Sweet, Ballerina Princess, and Shining Star Trophy. The animated set has a run time of about 175 minutes and will appeal to kids ages two to seven (including boys). Celebrate with Angelina DVD is availalbe now for $19.98. However, you can currently purchase it for $14.95 on Amazon.

As I mentioned previously, the Angelina Ballerina boxset features three titles. The Nutcracker Sweet DVD includes five episodes and two bonus features. The Ballerina Princess DVD features five episodes and a bonus. The Shining Star Trophy DVD is a full-length movie that includes a bonus feature. I’m only reviewing Nutcracker Sweet on my dad blog today because I’ve reviewed the other two titles previous. You can see those reviews here: Ballerina Princess | Shining Star Trophy

Angelina Ballerina: Nutcracker Sweet DVD
There are five episodes and two bonus features on this 61-minute DVD:

  • Angelina and the Front Row Ticket
    In this episode, Angelina is excited about seeing the Nutcracker ballet. She invites two of her friends, but she has only one extra ticket. Oops.

  • Angelina’s Holiday Treats
    Everyone is suppose to bring a holiday treat. Angelina and Marco has extra treats so they eat all of them and then don’t feel good afterwards.

  • Angelina and Alice Mousikova
    Alice is obsessed with being like a famous ballerina and ends up neglecting her school work.

  • Angelina’s Gift for Ms. Mimi
    The mouslings want to give their teacher a special present, but they encounter some bad luck before they give their gift to Ms. Mimi.

  • Angelina Keeps the Peace
    Gracie and AZ get in an argument about which is better: break dancing or tap dancing. As a result, Angelina has to settle their disagreement.

  • Prima Ballerina Puzzles
    Create scenes of Angelina and her friends by putting the puzzle pieces together.

  • Front Row Seats Karaoke Video
    A cute video you and your kids can sing along with.

More info: Celebrate with Angelina DVD Boxset


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  1. My daughter absolutely love Angelina Ballerina! We have on of the dvds but ours is the one where the charactors are one dimensional and it would be really cool to get a 3d one for her!

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