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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me a DVD screener of Crooked Arrows for review on my dad blog. Crooked Arrows is about a Native American lacrosse team that went from pathetic losers to playoff contenders. The story is predictable, but I enjoyed it and loved the lacrosse sport action in the movie. The movie will be available tomorrow (October 23th) on Blu-ray and DVD. The Crooked Arrows Blu-ray is available for $26.99 on Amazon (list price is $29.99). The Crooked Arrows DVD is priced at $22.98, but you can currently purchase it for $15.95 on Amazon.

The 411 for Crooked Arrows

The story It’s about a winless Native American lacrosse team that found a way to win
Appropriateness for children It’s probably fine for most kids. I don’t recall any profanity, but there might have been some. In addition, there’s a locker room scene that showed one guy naked (from the rear) and some guys in their underwear
  • Good sports action
  • Feel good story
  • A bit sappy and very predictable
Release date October 23, 2012
Rating PG-13 for some suggestive references
Runtime 2 hours and 19 minutes (105 minutes for movie)
Genre Drama, sport

Unbreakable spirits unlikely heroes
Crooked Arrows is similar to The Mighty Ducks and The Bad News Bears. In Crooked Arrows, the underdogs are the Native Americans on a lacrosse team. They’re poor, don’t play well together, and a casino is trying to expand on their land. Their rivals are the lacrosse players at a private school. The preppy kids are rich and have a tradition of winning the state lacrosse championship every year. I don’t want to give anything away, but this movie is predictable and you can easily guess how the movie ends.

Lacrosse is a rough sport
I’ve heard of lacrosse and know its popularity has been growing. However, I didn’t realize how rough the sport is. In the movie, the players were constantly knocking people to the ground and hitting players with their sticks. One of the things I did like about lacrosse is the trick shots shown in the movie. Those shots were amazing.

Brandon Routh is buffed
The star of the movie is Brandon Routh. He plays the part of Joe Logan. I only remember seeing Routh in one other movie (Superman Returns), but I didn’t realize he’s really buffed. Regardless of Routh’s buffness, Chelsea Ricketts is the actress who stood out in this film. She plays the part of Nadie Logan (Joe’s younger sister). In my opinion, she steals the scenes she’s in. Crooked Arrows also featured Crystal Allen (Julie Gifford), Gil Birmingham (Ben Logan), Gina Field, Michael Hudson (Reed), Cindy Lentol (Baccarat Woman), Tom Kemp (Mr. Geyer), Jack Vandervelde (Toby Gifford), Robert Coffie, Dennis Ambriz, Cody Sousa, Lonnie Farmer, Matthew Eriksen, and SpiritWolf Vega Jacinto (Tribal Council Governor). Crooked Arrows was directed by Steve Rash.

Crooked Arrows Special Features

  • Commentary featuring Mark Ellis, Steve Rash, and Neal J. Powless
    This enables audio commentary during the movie

  • The Story of Crooked Arrows
    A five-minute feature about the movie

  • Keepin’ it Real: Crooked Arrows Lacrosse
    This is a five-minute feature about the casting for the movie and covers their decision to hire lacrosse players instead of actors for the film

  • Native American Lacrosse – A Crooked Arrows Tribute
    A five-minute feature about lacrosse and it’s Native America origin

  • The Game of Life, Heart, and Soul of the Onondaga
    This 13-minute feature is about how lacrosse is called the medicine game by the people of Onondaga. It’s a game that plays a very important part to their heritage.

  • Crooked Arrows Theatrical Trailer
    This is a Crooked Arrows movie trailer for people who have not seen the trailer before (like me)

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