Book Review: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents


Good Enough Parenting - The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents by Lisl Fair ~ Brainy Connections

Brainy Connections sent me a pdf version of their new book for review on my dad blog. The title of the new book is: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents (written by Lisl Fair). The book is intended for parents of children ages one to six. I skimmed the book over the weekend and I learned some useful tips. Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents is currently available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 (note: you can borrow it for free if you’re a Prime member).

Like many parents, discipline is one of the areas I struggle with. Sometimes I feel like I’m too easy on the kids. Other times I feel like I’m too hard on them. Either way, I don’t seem to be able to get through to them.

The Good Enough Parenting book is a helpful resource, but it doesn’t offer a magical solution for disciplining children. However, the book does present a framework for helping dads and moms figure out an appropriate way to discipline their kids. The book also offers useful tips for disciplining your kids. My favorite tip is for dealing with bickering siblings. The author’s advice is to send the sibblings to the bathroom and tell them they can’t come out until they can sing a song together. Nice!

Effective Discipline Methods

Type Situation Example Age
Distraction When a baby or toddler is investigating something dangerous Ruby, come here! Come see the rose bud opening! From 6 months
Creating consequences (when you, I will) When reluctant to do work When you finish cleaning your room, I will bake cookies with you. From 2 years
Communicating firmly Dangerous situations or in response to whining STOP! Abigail, stay on the side of the road! From 6 months
Isolation (time out) Unacceptable behavior towards others Go to your room for five minutes and we’ll see if you can share with your brother then. From 18 months
Natural consequences Willful disobedience resulting in messes You messed the milk on the floor making milkshake without my permission, so you have to clean it up. From 2-3 years
Teamwork Continual conflict between two siblings Go to the bathroom, both of you. You cannot come out until you can sing a song together. From 4-5 years
Extra work Bad attitude about chores and helping in the home Because you don’t want to help in the house, you are going to do your sister’s share of the chores too for three days. From 4-5 years
Withdrawal of privileges Any misbehavior I have told you to pick up your toys, because you didn’t listen you can’t play Wii games for two days. From 3-4 years

[Source: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents]

Good Enough Parenting Introduction

Discipline is one of the toughest areas of parenting that new parents are facing today. Making decisions about discipline brings a whole array of parenting questions into focus: What do I believe about the nature of children? How much control should a parent exert over a child? How do my values influence the way I parent? What influence do my religious beliefs have on my choices as a parent? What kind of world am I preparing my child for?

These are not easy questions to answer. Discipline is determined by a complex interplay between parent, child and society. There are no easy answers or magic formulas that can be universally applied. Each family situation is unique and each family should find their own way to encourage appropriate behavior.

Discipline is the one area in child rearing that often makes parents feel as if they are missing the mark. To be consistent in disciplining your child whilst juggling your other responsibilities is one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever attempt. Thankfully, research tells us that children doesn’t need perfect parents, but will instead thrive in an environment where ‘good enough’ parents are doing their best. Good enough parents are aware of their own needs and limitations and know that their shortcomings and inability to meet ALL of their children’s needs; will help their children grow more independent and mature adults. The key is to remember that your best efforts are good enough for your child and that even your mistakes can help your child grow as a person.

The purpose of this book is: To help good enough parents to navigate the maze of discipline in early childhood. This book provides a framework for you to make decisions about discipline in YOUR home. It doesn’t promise a new child in a couple of days or a magic method that can be applied to all situations. Instead it will equip you with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about this important part of parenting.

More info: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents

  1. I followed my parents path when it came to discipline. It’s a new age, different ways of thinking. I never was much into help books when it came to parenting. I was too busy…parenting…to read. But given the way kids nowadays act (not all, some) I think it would not hurt for a few parents to pick this book up and learn a thing or two. My kids are raised but now I have grandkids and I am not too keen on the way my daughter disciplines or rather…doesn’t.

  2. My parents were awesome and didn’t need all these parenting books… what happened to good old-fashioned parenting????

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