Chuggington Back to School Safety Tips and Twitter Party


Chuggington Safety Tips

I have two quick announcements this morning. First, my kids are going back to school next week so I thought I would share some safety tips. The second thing I would like to mention is that a Chuggington back-to-school safety themed Twitter party will take place on Wednesday (August 29th). You can win some fabulous Chuggington prizes. If you’re lucky, you might even win the awesome Wilson’s Wild Ride Deluxe Action Playset I gave away on my dad blog earlier this month.

Back to School Safety Tips
Here are some safety tips from Chuggington:

  • Children should wait five giant steps away from the road when waiting for the school bus
  • Once on the school bus, kids should go directly to their seat and sit down facing forward
  • Children should remain in their seat facing forward when the school bus is moving
  • Kids should look out for cars before getting off the school bus, and always wait for the driver to signal it is safe to cross

Back-to-School Safety Themed Twitter Party
As I mentioned earlier, @Chuggington is hosting a Twitter party tomorrow (August 29th) at 2pm EST. In addition to giving away great prizes, Chuggington will offer safety tips from the Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe! traffic safety campaign. A NHTSA representative will also be at the Twitter party to answer questions. In case you didn’t know, NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To join the fun, follow the #Chuggington and #Back2SchoolSafety hash tags.


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