Pillow Talk: BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow Review

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BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow

BackJoy [Facebook | Twitter] sent me a Posture Sleep pillow to review on my dad blog. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to review a pillow. A pillow is a pillow, right? But then I slept wrong and woke up with a very stiff neck. That’s when I decided I wanted to give the BackJoy Posture Sleep pillow a try. The pillow is suppose to support your sleeping posture, and features the same technology and material used in BackJoy’s sitting and standing products for improving posture and preventing back and neck pain.

BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow diagram

The BackJoy Posture Sleep pillow is not like any pillows I have ever used. First of all, the pillow features multiple layers. There is a Flexlight memory foam layer that aligns your head, neck and spine in any sleep position. I don’t have an X-ray machine handy, so I can’t tell you how well the pillow aligns my body parts. However, I can tell you I was comfortable sleeping on my back and also on my side.

Another layer of the pillow is the DualDown fiber fill. This layer provides the cushion for the pillow. According to the product literature, the DualDown fiber fill keeps the pillow soft, comfortable and springy. The combination of the Flexlight memory foam and DualDown fiber fill automatically adjusts and supports proper head height even when your sleep position changes during the night.

Some other features I like about the BackJoy Posture Sleep pillow include:

  • Quadrastretch fabric, which breaths 50% better than cotton
  • Pillow and pillow case are washable
  • The pillow case features a warm and cozy plush side for the winter, and a cool smooth side for the summer
  • The material blend is hypoallergenic
  • Three-year warranty for workmanship and materials (two-year warranty for the pillow case)

I like the BackJoy Posture Sleep pillow, and it does help me get a good night’s sleep. However, I’m not loving the $89.99 price tag. I have not purchased a pillow in over ten years, but $90 sounds on the high side for a pillow. On the other hand, missing work or going to a chiropractor could could cost you more than $90 if you sleep wrong and end up pinching a nerve.


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  1. A stiff neck isn’t usually an indication of a serious medical problem, but it can impede your daily activities and make it hard to get to sleep. Although most often caused by poor posture at work, a stiff neck can also be caused by sleeping wrong or straining through exercise.

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