Back to School Idea: Sharpie Brush Tip Markers and Sharpie Metallic Markers


Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers

Have you noticed retailers have been running back-to-school promotions for several weeks now? I can’t believe school will start again in another month or so. Speaking of school, I received some new Sharpie Brush Tip markers and Sharpie Metallic markers for review on my dad blog. The problem is I can’t review them because my oldest daughter took them. She loves them. And because my daughter took the pens and loves to draw, I’m going to encourage her to enter the Start with Sharpie contest. Submissions could be featured in the first ever Sharpie music video, which will premier during the MTV Video Music Awards (September 6th at 8 pm). If you or your child is thinking of entering, you better hurry. The contest ends August 6th.

Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers
These markers are pretty cool because you can create fine lines, bold strokes and shading with a single pen. You just apply different pressure with your hand to create lines of different width. The markers are permanent and can be used on almost any surface. I have not tried this yet, but I think the pens can even be used to personalized my kids’ DS consoles. BTW, Sharpie Brush Tip markers come in twelve colors: berry, black, blue, brown, green, lime, magenta, orange, purple, red, turquoise and yellow.

Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent Markers

Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent Markers
My daughter and I love these metallic markers. They create elegant sheens on both light and dark surfaces. The pens are quick drying. The opaque metallic permanent ink are also fade and water resistant. And unlike paint markers, you don’t need to shake them before using the pens. The Sharpie Silver Metallic markers are available in gold, silver and bronze. BTW, the ink is nontoxic (AP certified formula).


4 thoughts on “Back to School Idea: Sharpie Brush Tip Markers and Sharpie Metallic Markers

  1. Oops submitted too soon. I was going to say I use the metallic Sharpies to mark my power and cable cords to all my electronics. I got tired of getting confused to what went to what and if we have the same cords I write things like Sue’s phone that way we know who really lost theirs and it cuts down on finger pointing.

  2. next time I go shopping I must get these brush tips!! They look like a great way to get creative. The metallic sharpies always remind me of middle school, you know those taggers writing on desks with gold permanent makers lol.

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