Review: Sports Shield Bandages – for sports loving kids

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Sports Shield Bandages for boys

The next time you’re in the first aid section at the store, be sure to check out the new Sports Shield Bandages. They are sports-theme bandages for sports-loving children (dads and moms too). The Jolly Group sent me a box of their soccer theme bandages to review on my dad blog. My kids are not into soccer, but they love these bandages. I think it’s because the bandages has pictures of soccer balls on them. I like them too because they are nicer than the cheap bandages we usually buy.

Sports Shield Bandages for girls

The Sports Shield bandages are available in ten themes and two sizes. There are six designs for boys: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and rescue. There’s another four designs for girls: fun designs, cheerleading, soccer, and love bug. The standard size bandages are sold in single-themed boxes, while the supersized bandages come in a variety pack.

Sports Shield bandages are made from super lightweight, latex free material and offer protection and flexibility for even the most active kids. Their full, non-stick pad design offers great coverage for boo-boos. And the bandages are soft, flexible, and easily conforms to the body.

The suggested retail price for the new Sports Shield Bandages is $2.50 for a 25-count box. The super size variety pack with 16 different themed bandages costs $4 per box.


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