Subway Battleship Giveaway – win movie tickets and a gift card


Battleship ~ Universal Studios

Battleship is coming out tomorrow (Friday, May 18th). My son and I saw a screening of Battleship (review) earlier in the week, and we loved it. Now’s your chance to go see the film for free too. Subway is giving away two movie money vouchers that can be used to purchase movie tickets for Battleship at a theater of the winner’s choice. In addition, a reader of my dad blog will also win a $25 Subway gift card. Nice!

In addition to partnering with my dad blog for this Battleship contest, Subway have also partnered with Universal Studios and Coke Zero for the Subway Battleship Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes. From now until June 13th, you can stop by your local Subway Restaurant for a chance to win $100,000 from the Subway Battleship online game.

There are five levels of prizes in the Subway Battleship Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes. Your first code will let you play to win level 1 prizes (see list below). The code can be a free code or a code from specially marked 30 oz. cups or a sub sticker code when you add a drink to a Subway Footlong. After your first code, each additional code from specially marked 30 oz. cups and sub bag sticker codes will advance you to the next prize level and add a zero to your potential cash prize. You’ll also be eligible to play for all previous prize levels.

Subway Battleship Code Level Prizes

  • 1st code = $10 or free Coke Zero
  • 2nd code = $100
  • 3rd code = $1,000
  • 4th code = $10,000
  • 5th code = $100,000

Battleship Giveaway
Thanks to Subway, a reader of my dad blog will win a $25 Subway giftcard and two movie tickets. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Tuesday, May 29th (Eastern time). The giveaway is limited to readers in the USA. If you don’t see an entry form below, please wait for the Rafflecopter giveaway form to load (or refresh the browser).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: I did not receive anything for hosting this giveaway. The giveaway prize will be provided by Subway, but they are not the administrators of the giveaway on my dad blog. I am not liable for the prize. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


191 thoughts on “Subway Battleship Giveaway – win movie tickets and a gift card

  1. I never played the game Battleship. When I was growing up, we mostly played outside, played tag, hide and seek and played ball.

  2. I definitely played Battleship as a child. Doesn’t everyone vividly remember the commercials? Didn’t it make all of us buy the game?

  3. I put the Battleship game (pegs-in-hole) on my Christmas list many times. We didn’t get trendy toys or games at any time. I think toys are fantastic; I buy many toys for the grandkids now.

  4. In the comments area on the giveaway post, answer this question: did you play the classic Battleship game when you were a kid?

    yes..i always lost!

  5. Was not allowed- girls were expected to play with dolls back in my childhood. Always wanted to play it, though.

  6. I played it a few times, with male cousins. It was never a favorite with us girls. We liked Scrabble and Monopoly, and Clue was big favorite.


  7. Yes, I remember playing the classic Battleship game with my mom when I was a child.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  8. Heck Yeah I played Battleship! I was the only girl with 5 older brothers and they constantly CHEATED!!!!! lol, good memories (The Trama of it all!)

  9. When I was a kid, we didn’t have much money, so we played Battleship with pen and paper. I still enjoy playing it.

  10. Yes It was our favorite game esspecially when it was raining and couldnt go out and play!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  11. Yes, we had and played the battleship game. We even had the one that made the sound effects, too funny.

  12. Yes !! i played it SOO much .Sometimes i would even skip a meal and my parents would get mad lol Thats how much i loved it .

  13. Fingers crossed <3
    I LOVE Battleship and Subway

    there's a subway a block away from my house and i literally eat there twice a week !
    I've been wanting to see Battleship but im a broke full time student / mom :( this would totally make my day .

    I actually tried to go see battleship by myself but i didnt have enough money to buy the movie ticket lol I was already paying for the ticket but was al ittle short on money :(

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