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Just for Men AutoStop Hair Color ~ Combe

Are your children giving you gray hairs? If they are, then you’re in luck. I’m giving away Just for Men AutoStop hair coloring products, which are available in five shades (I’m giving all five colors to a lucky reader of my dad blog). The hair coloring product is intended for men, but my guess is that it will also work on women. Hair is hair, right? From what I could find out, the main difference between Just for Men AutoStop and hair coloring products for women is that Just for Men AutoStop is easier and quicker to use. It only takes about ten minutes. Wow, that is quick. I’ve seen my wife use hair color products before, and they usually take a couple centuries to apply.

I am getting more gray every day, but I’m not at the point where I need to color my hair yet (knock on wood). I’m actually a little pissed that I even have gray hair. I thought Asians didn’t get gray hair until they’re over hundred years old. Maybe I’m not really Asian and was adopted by an Asian couple.

Just for Men AutoStop is easy to use. There is no mixing and mess. All you have to do comb it in, wait ten minutes, sing a few songs, and then rinse your hair. Just for Men AutoStop is very gentle. It does not contain ammonia or peroxide. You can purchase Just for Men AutoStop at Amazon, Walgreens, CVS Online Pharmacy,, Harmon Stores, and Medichest.

Combe Giveaway
Thanks to Combe, a reader of my dad blog will win all five colors of Just for Men AutoStop hair coloring products. The winner will be randomly selected. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Thursday, March 8, 2012 (Pacific time). The giveaway is limited to readers located in the U.S. To enter the giveaway, answer this question: do you or your spouse have gray hair?

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[Disclosure: I did not receive anything for hosting this giveaway. The giveaway prize will be provided by Smiley360, but they are not the administrators of the giveaway on my dad blog. I am not liable for the prize. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


30 thoughts on “Giveaway: Just for Men AutoStop Hair Coloring

  1. I clicked on the Facebook like button above the comments area and also clicked like on this giveaway post on your Facebook page. (I already like/support your blog on Facebook.)

    I have never used hair coloring products before.

  2. Yes, I have gray hair. But only just enough to make me look older than I am and not younger like I wish I was.

  3. liked this post and your fb.

    I have used coloring before because wife said I looked better

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

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