DVD Review: Thomas & Friends Movie Pack

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Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment sent me the new Thomas & Friends Movie Pack for review on my dad blog. Until recently, I didn’t realize there are so many Thomas & Friends DVDs. I’m not complaining, just making an observation. In fact, I’m actually grateful because my toddler loves Thomas the train. Naturally, my toddler loves the latest Thomas & Friends DVD boxset too. The three-disk Thomas & Friends Movie Pack will be available February 21, 2012. It has a list price of $19.98, but you can currently purchase the DVD set for $17.99 on Amazon.

As I mentioned already, the latest Thomas & Friends includes three discs. You know, because one disc just isn’t enough. I’m sure my toddler agrees with that. Here are the three titles in the boxset:

Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines
In this movie, the steam and diesel engines are helping build an airport on the Island of Sodor. Unfortunately, the steam engines and diesels can’t get along. In fact, they even sabotage each other’s work. You also see a different side to Thomas in this movie. He frowns a lot like he’s constipated and he is also mean at times. But like all the other Thomas & Friends stories, there is a happy ending. Bonus features include: Calling All Engines! Game, read-along, sing-along, character gallery, and deleted scenes. That’s not a typo. There are actually two short deleted scenes on this disk.

Thomas & Friends: Hero of The Rails
In this movie, Spencer comes to the Island of Sodor for the summer. He’s there to help build a summer house for a duke and duchess. Unfortunately, the other steam engines can’t stand Spencer because he’s so fast and strong. Thomas ends up racing Spencer, but crashes into a heavily wooded area where he finds Hiro, an abandoned engine from a faraway land. The rest of the movie is about Thomas & Friends trying to help repair Hiro so he won’t be scrapped. Bonus features include Thomas and Spencer Racing Game; Who’s Pulling Into The Station?; and Go, Go Thomas Karaoke Music Video.

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery
In this movie, Thomas discovers the old town of Great Waterton. Thomas and his friends are tasked with helping to restore the old town in time for the Sodor Day celebration. Stanley is put in charge, which annoys Thomas so much that he accidentally causes a big accident. Thomas feels bad about that and tries to redeem himself. But then he falls into a flooded tunnel and no one can find him. BTW, this movie is narrated by Pierce Brosnan, who does an excellent job. I recognized the voice during the movie and was surprised to hear his voice. Bonus features include You’re the Leader Karaoke Music Video, Learn with Thomas, and Behind-The-Scenes with Pierce Brosnan.

Thomas & Friends Movie Pack is a little over three hours long (not including bonus features). Luckily the three hours are spread out over three disks.


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