Barney: I Love My Friends DVD Review

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Barney: I Love My Friends DVD ~ Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment sent me the Barney: I Love My Friends DVD for review on my dad blog. The I Love My Friends DVD is available now on DVD, digital download, and on-demand. The latest Barney DVD is about an hour long and has a list price of $14.98 (currently $11.99 on Amazon).

If your pre-schooler loves Barney, they will most likely also love Barney: I Love My Friends. Like the other Barney DVDs, this title features Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff. It has lots of singing, dancing, and skits. In one scene, the DVD shows a music video of a group of kids at a playground and they are singing a song about animals. The music video actually reminded me a little of a Wiggles song (The Monkey Dance).

Here’s a synopsis of the main feature from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment:

Come join in the fun as Barney takes his friends on a super-dee-duper adventure that shows just what it means to be a friend. Princess Baby Bop has a royally good time when she sees that a key to being a friend is keeping promises. Riff goes to great lengths to make up for a big mistake and prove he’s a friend who sees things through. BJ feels left out when he’s not included in a drawing and learns the importance of being honest and expressing his feelings. With singing, dancing and lots of monkeying around, Barney brings kids on a friend-tastic adventure and shows that everything is more fun with friends!

The Barney: I Love My Friends DVD also includes two bonus features:

  • Read-Along Book of Hugs
    There’s two modes in this bonus feature: (1) parents can have Barney read a story to their kids, or (2) kids read the story on their own.

  • Sing-Along: If You Are Happy and You Know It
    In this bonus feature, your kids can sing along with Barney in this sing-along tune.


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