Movie Review: In Time – is it worth your time?

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In Time movie ~ 20th Century Fox and New Regency

I saw a free movie screening of In Time earlier this week. The movie takes place in the future when time is the only currency. Everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at twenty-five. However, once people turn 25, they can live for only one more year unless they can get more time. Bottom line: I love the story idea and found the sci-fi thriller entertaining. It had action, suspense, and even some humorous situations. However, the script could have been better. In Time (20th Century Fox and New Regency) opens in theaters today. The 109-minute film is rated PG-13 for violence, some sexuality, and strong language.

Many must die so a few can live forever
The main character of In Time is Will Salas. He lives in Dayton (the ghetto), which is the poorest time zone (region). People in Dayton rarely have more than 24 hours on their body clock. Everyone there have to work every day in order to afford another day of life (a couple of coffee cost a few minutes, a decent lunch costs 30 minutes, a long bus ride costs two hours, etc). Meanwhile, people who live in New Greenwich (richest time zone) live a safe and leisurely life because they have plenty of time. Some people in New Greenwich have hundreds of years, others have thousands of years, and at least one person has millions of years. The goal of the time system is to keep the population in check — mainly to keep the poor from overwhelming the rich.

Is that your mother, girlfriend, or daughter?
In the movie, it’s hard to tell how old people are because everyone stops aging at 25. Age shouldn’t matter when you’re in love, but it would still be more than a little weird if you flirt with someone that is old enough to be your great grandmother/father.

It’s easy to steal time
In the movie, it’s really easy to steal time from someone. This is my biggest beef with the movie. I know the movie is fiction, but when your life is completely dependent on time, there should be some security measures to prevent Minute Men (time thieves) from draining all your remaining time. At the very least, someone shouldn’t be able to steal your time while you’re sleeping or unconscious.

Justin Timberlake isn’t just a singer anymore
Justin delivered an excellent performance in this movie. He was very believable in his role as Will Salas. The other two main characters were played by Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia Weis) and Cillian Murphy (Raymond Leon). Sylvia is the daughter of a very rich man, and Leon is a timekeeper. Timekeepers are like cops, but they seem to be concerned mainly with time thefts from wealthy individuals. In Time also features Olivia Wilde (Rachel Salas – Will’s mom), Vincent Kartheiser (Philippe Weis — Sylvia’s dad), Alex Pettyfer (Fortis — leader of the Minute Men), Matt Bomer (Henry Hamilton), Collins Pennie (Timekeeper Jaeger), Shyloh Oostwald (Maya), Johnny Galecki (Borel – Will’s friend) and August Emerson (Levi). The movie was directed by Andrew Niccol.


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