Little Pim: Colors Children Book Review

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Little Pim: Colors Children Book

I received the Little Pim: Colors children book for review on my dad blog. The main character of the book is Pim (a cute panda). As you can tell from the title, the focus of the book is colors. The language-oriented book includes the words for various colors in English, Spanish, and French. Little Pim: Colors is one of those playful hardcover book with flaps and pull tabs. The book is intended for babies and preschoolers. The Little Pim book is available now for $8.95.

My toddler reading the Little Pim: Colors children book

What I like about Little Pim: Colors

  • In addition to English, the book also feature colors in Spanish and French
  • Includes pronunciation guides so parents can pronounce the words correctly
  • The book is very tough and the pages are thick — should be able to withstand abuse by most toddlers and babies
  • It’s not just a word book — it also includes illustrations and photographs
  • There’s a review section at the end of the book
  • It’s only $8.95

What I didn’t like about Little Pim: Colors

  • The pull tabs are hard to pull out (I think it’ll be easier over time)
  • It’s only ten pages (this is typical for this type of book)
  • I think a strong toddler may eventually rip out some of the flaps

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